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I am getting confused about MBA(Management Information System), MBA (Project Management) and MS(Computer Science),

I am getting confused about MBA(Management Information System), MBA (Project Management) and MS(Computer Science),

Query Statement: I am getting confused about MBA(Management Information System), MBA (Project Management) and MS(Computer Science), which degree should i have to do after BS)Computer Science)? Kindly help me out thanks.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills: Leadership, Software development, English Comprehensive skills

Interests:      To step in management world.

Career Objective:   Want to start a business in future.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Anjum Naz

It all depends on your interest, All three have market value, you can pursue MS computer. Good luck

Maha Khalid

To become a Good teacher. Or learn more about a discipline one must always continue with MS rather than MBA. While MS is an academic degree it leaves room open for research and development and further discipline study and teaching. On the other hand. All an MBA amounts to is the implementation of what education your bachelors provide.

I’d suggest MS, but an MBA would be great as well as it’s a requirement to be promoted to higher ranks in the corporate world of Pakistan and an executive program can also be opted for. But there won’t be a specialized degree to continue to study further about computer sciences but rather about management in business.

Nadeem Salamat

MS computer Science – A+

Hasnain Malik

MS computer science

Dr Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan

Dear you are not basically confused about degree, but basically you are unclear about your goals.

Qurat ul Ain Javaid

First you need to focus on your career prospective whether you want to be in ‘Business Management’ or ‘Computer Sciences’ specifically. Per your background, you are a BS (CS) which leads to MS (CS) but that will remain limited to Computer science field only and if you want to step into business management, then its a whole different field.

 Per my knowledge, I suggest you to do MBA-IT or MIS which is a combination of both business and IT. In MBA, you have an option to do 2 to 3 specialisation. So, you can do it in future if you would be interested. Further, you can do PMP certification after having some experience and skip project management for now as it is demanded on a stage when you already have some experience. Finally, choose the right institute or university, for these programs i.e., PUCIT, UMT or UET are good in both business and I.T programs with experienced faculty members. Even its better if you take a look at the courses, they are offering in a certain program for making a better choice.  Best of luck!

 Sarwan Ramani

Being a computer student you shouldn’t need to worry, much waste and huge job industry available for computer graduate. if you want to do much research or teaching job you should go for MS in computer this will open many door for you in this regards. If you are facing some sort problem in your field or haven’t got full command over computer expertise like software side or other language which are much need for you to boost your career in computer industry then MBA in MIS will be good choice for you. or you can do few more certification in computer era on your bachelor bases this will make you competitive in this modern industry.  use your software development capability it will good for you i personally believe. 

Cristina Calaguian

This depends on what you want to do after university. But it’s more practical to have a 2 year work experience before taking up Master’s Degree. By then you will have evaluated which field you want to explore more and develop your knowledge and skills.

Nida Shoaib

As you already have completed your Bachelors in IT. You may go for MBA(Management Information System) or MBA (Project Management).



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