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Done BSC, MSC, Master in Human Development and family Studies, started Master in Special Education, Doing Job, I am too confused about all my subject combinations. My field is kind of so unknown

Done BSC, MSC, Master in Human Development and family Studies, started Master in Special Education, Doing Job, I am too confused about all my subject combinations. My field is kind of so unknown……..

Query Statement: Assalamualykum, i have done my BSC and MSC from College of Home economics Lahore, my Masters is in Human development and family studies, but right now i am working for mentally challenged Children in Gujrat. It’s a private organization. I have also started masters in Special education from Allama Iqbal Open University.

I am too confused about all my subject combinations as there is no job available in Gujarat or i simply do not know. What should i do? My field is kind of so unknown……..

Education Level: Masters

Skills – Subject Related: Educational psychologist and IEP developer for MRC also working for Shelter workshop of MRC ( i have created this workshop 2 months ago and it’s in initial stages ) and also ding awareness program for MRC at local level. I have done internship in psychology.

Skills – Non Subject Related: Shopping skills :)( whenever it comes to shop or cook ,i am always available)

Interests: honestly speaking I am too bad in keeping one interest , but I like social work ,and jobs that do not restrict me to office desk for 9 to 5.

Your Career Objective                       :/

Counseling(History): My teacher guided me to do masters in special education . But my family wants me to start a small business related to ready to wear formal dresses ,as i am also working but its not under any name, if any one ask me to do it ,i do. My sister and Brother in law are forcing me to appear in CSS , as they think i can do it, personally i doubt it. This is all counseling i am getting


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Anjum Naz

Thanks for your query

You already have done your masters so other masters will not add up your expertise so you need to strengthen your former degree. Proceed for MS or higher degree or if you want to start career, both options are good enough a business or job so follow your instinct

 Good luck for your future

Uzma Sadaqat

I would like to ask few more questions to get a complete picture.1: What are YOUR goals??2: What do YOU want to do in your life??3: What level of success would YOU like to achieve in next 5 years???Regards,

Dr Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan

I suggest please get enrolled in MPhil/Phd program. Soon you will get a teaching job and you will be better off.

Muhammad Ali

Hope you will be doing fine.

I have read and clearly understood your query and question regarding your career path and subject combination.

Note one thing that there are so many opportunities in every subject related to your study, but you only have to find the right path and rite directions.

Secondly, as you mentioned that you are also doing Master in Special Education that is too much important for your career growth. You have to relocate yourself to some other nearest city like Lahore; where there are opportunities are available according to your need, as it’s a big social, economic, and vibrant city of Punjab.
As for as your family is forcing you do some kind of small business of some ready to wear, that should be a side business but remember one thing that you must not leave your path, keep struggling and you will be succeeded.

The main source of getting desired job in Internet and social network now a days.

Doing CSS is another option as you mentioned that you have doubt in it, if you are being forced to do CSS then why did you wasted your precious time doing Master.

Leave all things, just concentrate on your education and future growth. The opportunities are knocking at your door step..

Moreover i am available here ( & 0333-7364208), feel free to contact for any assistance and career counseling @ below:

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Hope you good.

After earning a Master degree in Human development and family studies, from College of Home economics Lahore, I recommended and agree for the degree in/Diploma in Special Education from AIOU.

It would definitely broaden the scope of your work, especially in Public Sector.

You can secure a good position of Counselor, Teacher, Therapist at any Special Education Institute in Punjab, even in Gujarat.

Therefore, I suggest not going for CSS, if you are not clear headed and convinced that you can put entire efforts to secure a good position.

Zubair Bajwa

An ideal work place for you will be an International NGO where you can use your skills in HRD and Psychology too. Look in Sunday newspapers or for job openings. You should get more computer and statistical Analysis skills.

Stick to one profession and your perseverance will pay off.

 Good Luck!





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