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BSCS degree from PAF-KIET

BSCS degree from PAF-KIET

Query Statement: Salam respected sir! I want to ask you that how is PAF-KIET for BSCS? does it degree has worth like KU? They are offer BSCS (with specialization in software engineering) is it a good option for BSCS?

Kindly plz tell me about this compliment sir thanks?

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: none

Skills – Non Subject Related: none

Interests: BS-CS

Career Objective: I.T

Counseling (History): none


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Hasnain Malik

Yeah this degree has worth.

Zubair Bajwa

Institutions recognized by HEC are all good, as long as you can afford their fees and be in the top 5 students.

It is YOU and not the university, which will impact your career life!

Good Luck 

Hilal Ud Din

Every degree has worth and a give boost in professional career. As far as PAF-KIET for  BSCS  degree concern
of course it is worthy. I cannot say exactly about the Job market in Karachi, Pakistan now.

But I would like to say, just check the PAF-KIET status in HEC website link  if it is recognized by HEC then, there is no problem.

Because, whenever & wherever you apply for a job/immigration the 1st requirement is  “The university ,institute must be HEC recognized ” .

For your information , I would like to say that I did B.SC (CS) from Peshawar University and M.S (IT ) from PIMSAT Karachi , and Alhamdulela, Not only My qualification/degree accepted by Saudi Govt and also university of Torranto , Canada(Immigration) . The processor/assessment body asked and verified my degree from HEC then they processed further

Please don’t hesitate to ask further,


Waqar Ali

Dear do consult with HEC website if it is recognized then no harm in doing this from there.

Imran Baig


As your objective is to become an IT expert, therefore I recommend for BSCS.


Muhammad Ali

Sorry for late reply,

PAF_KIET is so good for study and doing BSCS in SW.

PAF-KIET is organized by PAK and has good faculty and staff and have pleasant learning environment.

I wish you best of luck in PAF-KIET and if you have any query regarding anything, you can contact me directly on my below numbers and email.

Good Luck





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