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Bachelors in computer science

Bachelors in computer science

Query Statement: I have done B.A, but did not get good percentage,40% only, then i have done short course of computers from APTECH (Php, C Lang, Web designing) And i did not find them difficult in understanding, Now can u please help me I want to do masters in computer so will i get admission in any good university in 40% Or i have to do bachelors in computer science first? If yes then which college degree is good for BCS? And what subjects will be in BCS?

Skills – Subject Related: No i have not done anything during studies.

Skills – Non Subject Related: I like computer related fields

Interests: I have done courses from Aptech, C Lang, Php, Web designing and did not find them difficult in understanding

Career Objective: Any field related to computer.

Counseling (History):

My father has always counsel me in a good way because he does not have any idea about computer related thing so i thought to consult someone who has idea about everything, hope u will help me :)

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Asif Azad

If you are interested in computer sciences, you have to do your bachelors in computer sciences to get admissions in some good university.

Also I advise you to first do some goggle to find your aptitude in precise manner.


Rao Junaid Aftab

Thanks for your query. well with this percentage it is difficult to get an admission in good universities, probably only AIOU or virtual maybe give you admission but that will not be appropriate for you since your initial background is not related to CS so it’s better to start with Bachelors in CS rather going for Masters. Because in Masters Courses are of advance level which will create problem for you to carry on. My views is to start BS-CS and while studying 2 semester then you will be able to choose the line weather you have to go for Software Engineering or other.

Please feel free to contact if you have any further query in this regard.


Farhan Mumtaz

May Allah give you success in every walk of life?

I am not familiar with the local universities as I don’t live in Pakistan, hence I wouldn’t be able to recommend you from that aspect.

As far as your interest with computer programming is concerned that is very promising.

You should pick up .net or PHP as focus and start getting expertise in those languages.

Internet will give you a vast exposure of Microsoft platform so you will be able to excel a lot.

On the other hand PHP will give you the flavor of Linux / Unix platform. Which is also a great area to explore and excel?

Another very promising area that you should also consider is IT Security, which has a very bright future moving forward.

How would you go about attaining these expertise, you would need to ask some local members of the group.

I wish you all the best and do let me know if you need more clarifications.

Hamid Gul

After reading your study background I would to find path in Virtual University. VU is offering zero semesters for candidates like you and then you will be in MCS (Master of Computer science) and in this way you can complete you study in CS.

 Please don’t hesitate to ask question on CCP.

Kind Regards

 Muhammad Ali Soomro

As for as your degree is concerned, you have done B.A which is an art subject. Your percentage is very low but you get admission for masters in computer science but i will be very difficult for you to understand the computer at master’s level. You have good learning skills for computer so go through the bachelors is computer. It will refurbish you in more effective way and i am sure you will get good response in corporate job market. I am here always to help you.

Feel free to contact for assistance..


Hammad Siddiqui

Difficult, but you can try in 3rd tier universities

Noor Ali

In my opinion, first you have to evaluate yourself regarding your academic education. As you told, you are not able to get good marks in your B.A studies, so how could you do Master in Computer Science? It’s tougher then BA.

I suggest let get answer of these questions

  1. What you feel how you can do Master in Computer Science? Can you give more time and efforts and do you think it’s more easily then B.A or do you think now you have more time and efforts do your academic studies in good marks.
  2. Why you need to do MCS or BCS? Do you have a time to do another bachelor degree? I mean to say if you join BCS degree plan then for another 4 years you bound to be with your studies, do you have such time?
  3. Like you said, you are interested in Computer related fields and you already done some courses from Aptech. So dear did you start career after done these courses? How much work or projects you did by using your said languages?
  4.  Dear, in your career, let decide first what you want to do, if you want to be a computer professional you already done some courses, let judge yourself by doing some presentable projects by using technologies you mentioned. After that you come to know how much you good in computer programming and designing and then you can decide for your future path.
  5. I am not discouraging you for BCS/MCS, but before taking decision about your future path let decide first that computer studies is good for you or not.


Saeed Ahmed

Bachelors in computer science from any good private university would be good option for you based on your current history.

Here’s the list of some good universities;

Virtual University

Sir Syed University

Hamdard University

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University

Iqra University

See the Sunday newspaper (DAWN/JANG)

Although these universities required good entry marks but If you perform good in their aptitude test then chances are there to get in.

Lastly if you cannot afford due to financial reason, then doing diploma in graphic designing from Arena would be another good option.


 Waqar Ali

Safia from above information I can understand that you are willing to excel in the field of CS ,but for that you must be good enough in the subjects like Mathematics ,analytical skills and a good programming aptitude.

 Since your background is of BA, so I will first recommend you to do BCS from some recognized institute of Karachi in order to proceed further to Masters Level

Other option is to go for some business degree and try to get admission in MBA and later to do majors in IT or finance in it.





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