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What subjects should I select after SSC

What subjects should I select after SSC

Query Statement: I have taken Matric exam in Arts, in 9th grade my marks were 336 marks , now searching for a good college and subjects
Education Level: Matriculation

Skills – Subject Related: matric in arts

Skills – Non Subject Related: drawing

Interests: mughy boht chiezo main intrest hy like drawing stiching cooking main chahti hu k mughy sb kam krny aty ho

Career Objective:arts

Counseling(History): mery parents mughy keh rhy hain k main fa kr lu mery teachers keh rhy hain k main phcology kr lu but mera khod ka intrest gernalizam main hy koi kehta hy pehly phcolgy kr lu phr gernalisam kr lena is liye main confuse hu kon sa sub select kro

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Anjum Naz

Dear, Decide what is interested to you, and do study with heart and ambition. All subjects are good and interesting. Stay blessed

Zubair Bajwa

The reason we go to college is to get knowledge to become a professional. Now from your mail ,seems that you are confused in choosing your profession with arts subjects. I suggest following professions and you can find out colleges near your place of living:

  • Nursing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Education
  • Army/ Air Force

Whatever your choice of subject and profession, keep looking for foreign scholarships (there are lots of them in Arts) and must attempt CSS exam once in your life, Government. jobs are the best.

 Join government institute for your studies and prepare yourself for a profession with a plan, and not just getting degrees.

 Best of Luck!

Maha Khalid

You have successfully finished your matric with arts and now going to pursue your FA, when you do choose a college that gives you a combination with journalism in it. By the time you are through with your FA you will have a fair idea of what you should choose in your bachelors.

For a degree in media communications and journalism, Kanaird is the best place. Suggest you consider that as a basis and see what other revelations you have about yourself and your interest & life goals by the end of it. All else goes well, I think you will find Kanaird’s mass communication degree to teach you what you must know about media communications and journalism

 Best of Luck

Safeer Abbas

Did you hear the phrase “Jack of all trades but Master of none”

But you should know every aspect of learning and knowledge…

You will be comfortable with Psychology… There are many majors in Psychology…. Well go with your interest not with your fantasy…

Good Luck!

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

You need to go thru your locality and find out the best colleges as per the result achievements of the various colleges.

Rakhshanda Khan

As you have shown your interest in Journalism, I just want you to do following steps, seriously and carefully, during summer vacation

  • Think or imagine what you want to be
  •  what type of designation/position you are looking for you (it means whether you want to  be a news reporter or an officer, a writer, or a university/college professor
  • what you really want to do after graduation or after completion of your studies
  • what degree is needed in order to qualify for the position you want (note : it is very important to know that what you want to be and with what degree , your education level is very important
  • Read newspaper and advertised positions(related to your interest)
  • Read who are hiring (companies or institutions’ name who advertised vacant positions)
  • what are the required qualification (i.e. education and experience and what else you need other than degree and experience)

Practice it for few weeks (it might be boring) but you will get clear understanding about major subject or course selection. Good Luck



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