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Subject Selection (further studies – Master level)

Subject Selection (further studies – Master level)  

Query Statement:  In which field i should do master because i need job any how i have to support my family as soon as possible…….

Education Level: Bachelors

Subject Related Skills:  no

Non Subject Related Skills: business or social science

Interests:  no

Career Objective: businees or social science

Counseling (History: No

 CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Sajid Ali

Job availability is subjected to the command you
hold at your field, I will suggest go for the subject of your choice
that you can study with interest, current market does not look for
degree title but for the type of professional and his command on

Sara Khalili


Hope you are doing well. Your query doesn’t mention in what subject you have your bachelors in for us to know where and how you could go ahead. Just some general advises, no subject choice can assure you that you will be out of the campus and will get a job next. It’s the matter of your luck and the skill set. Just go with what interests you and work hard there, become an expert and let the jobs find you. 

Good luck! 

Faisal Ayub

I could not get your existing qualification and field from your email so am in no position to suggest the further studies but my suggestion would be to do any professional qualification. Dont do simple masters in English or history etc that will have very few options going forward.


Syed Iqbal Haider

Asslam O Alaikum,

You have not indicated in what subject you have graduated?

You have also indicated that “You do have Subject Related Skills”, while you already have a degree in that subject.

You can work part time teaching private tutions or teach in an evening school and make some money to support your family, while going to the University taking up Master’s level courses.




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