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Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Queries Through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Query – further education after grade 8, aged 24 years now

Query Statement: I am grade 8 pass, I dropped out from school, I`ve been working ever since then. It has been 7 yrs now. I really want to continue my education, an engineering degree would be great, any suggestions where to start from, but my family wants me to adopt some business. I`m confused?  I am 24year sold. just to add since grade 8, I`m self-taught in corporate law, is it true that I can appear for A levels without passing O levels. I was thinking to take online tuitions and appear for A levels to at least qualify for Engg. University.

CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Saina Siddiqui

It is better to continue your studies as soon as possible. Appear for SSC exams as external candidate. What sort of a business you like to do.  For online, yes sure go ahead.

Query  – IGCSE O Levels (minimum subjects required in Pakistan)

Query Statement: Can anyone please tell the minimum subjects one needs to appear in IGCSE O Levels (minimum subjects required in Pakistan) and what are the compulsory subjects other than physics, chemistry, and biology?

CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Shaista Khanum

Minimum subjects are 5 (3 sciences + 1 Pakistan Studies + 1 Islamic Studies) , for further information please contact IBCC section of Federal Board in Islamabad because they deal with Equivalent Certificate for British Curriculum students in Pakistan and they will give you latest information. ,

Query – Information on GRE Test

Query Statment: I need complete information about GRE test

CCP Pakistan Advisors’ Replies

Maha Khalid

Get Baron’s GRE book to get a fair idea. GRE stands for Graduate Recorded Exam, its purpose is to aid us in our application for grad school, i.e after your bachelors. Most common in America and quite frankly it is a way to test our grip on English language as well as mathematical knowledge, this know how is not literary it is in fact so we can show our analytical side (i.e through math problems) & our ability to reason well in a language that is not our mother tongue.

The exam is in three parts: Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical writing. Verbal is the hardest – even for someone with a great vocabulary and fluency in the English language. Essay is comparatively easier, but not for someone who has poor expression. Math is by far the easiest. Barons & Princeton Review books for GRE are good enough to prepare one. Solving questions helps the most – PRACTICE. GRE scores last for about 2 1/2 yrs and it can be taken again. The test takes place in FC College in the pro metric center. You can find out more from there. In fact they assign adviser to all prospective applicants to the US. Suggest you consult with one. :)

As far as personal experiences go, I took my GRE twice. I scored ok the first time, but even better the second time.

Once your application is approved. You have to take the TOEFL. which is a purely English based exam, meant for all those nationals that belong to countries where English is not their mother tongue.

Query  – What is ‘International Baccalaureate High School, Diploma

Query Statement: What is ‘International Baccalaureate High School, Diploma result with at least 2.5 CGPA and equivalence certificate from IBCC.’? I am giving F.Sc part 2 examinations n have qualified part 1 with 75% marks.

CCP Pakistan Advisors’ Replies

Shaista Khanum

International Baccalaureate High School Diploma or IB Diploma Program is Equivalent to Vocational Training after higher secondary school (Grade 12) education in Pakistan. It is managed by National Curriculum of England and suited for those students who want to come in Practical/Job field after High school education and cannot go for University education. It offers Certificate programs also which are called IB certificate programs. It has a good range of courses mostly vocational but in Pakistan IB Diploma is offered for management courses till now. The students are awarded Diploma from England which increases the cost of this program in Pakistan therefore a big range is not affordable there. But in other parts of World these courses are offered by IB regulated institutes and being run successfully.

IBCC stands for Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen which is Educational body to deal with all issues related to students of worldwide education certificates and link them to Pakistani Education System. They convert students’ Marks sheets/Certificates subject marks to Equivalent Marks of Pakistani education. Mostly it is done for Students of British Curriculum certificate holders like Cambridge or Educe but other International Boards High School Certificate conversion to Pakistani equivalent certificate is also the responsibility of IBCC.

The benefit of getting Equivalent Certificate for British/American Curriculum is that such student can apply in Pakistani Professional Colleges and Universities

For further details about IB plz see

No need to have Equivalent Certificate for IBCC. It is take for A Levels qualification conversion to F.Sc. equivalent. So go ahead with your F.Sc. marks sheet for admission in any Pakistani institute.

Since you are a science students therefore U have many options opened for you. At your Graduation level you can opt for Commerce, Medicine, Pharmacy, Support Medicine(if F.Sc. Premedical), Engineering (if F.Sc. Pre-engineering) and many others. Off course Fashion Designing, Subjects of Social Sciences and Arts will also be opened for you if you like them and have aptitude for them. Best of Luck!

Please see all detail on PIFD website and you will find answers of many your questions. Please do your own search also.

Query – Admissions process in Dubai after grade 10

Query: Do anyone knows about admissions process in Dubai after grade 10 and when will be the session start?

CCP Pkaitsan Advisors’ Replies

Shaista Khanum

Assalamo alaikum After Metric admission starts in Early August to Mid September. New session starts from September in FBISE Higher Secondary Schools (Intermediate Colleges) of UAE.

For FBISE If child had done Metric from Federal Board then he/she must meet the Merit marks set by the school management. Documents required are photocopies of Metric Marks sheet/ duly filled Admission forms/ Medical report of child if he/she did not do metric from the same higher secondary school/college, passport copy, sponsored/farther/guardian’s passport copy, migration certificate/transfer certificate if he/she was not the old student of the same higher secondary school/college in UAE.

If a child wants to switch from FBISE to British/American Curriculum AS/AP level then he/she must have equivalence certificate of her Marks obtained in Metric system. For other boards of Pakistan like All Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan Boards, if metric certificate/mark sheet is verified from IBCC Islamabad+ Foreign Office Islamabad then its authenticity increases. This is particularly considered in those British/American Curriculum schools of UAE which are run by British/American/Indian Management. Pakistani Managed schools do verification themselves and they are also cheap compared to other British/American schools of UAE. Other documents are the same. These schools starts their admission after As/A2 result in Mid-August.

It’s better to call or arrange personal meeting with Reception/Admin people to get a fresh update of everything from the school/college.. Plus keep in mind, because of Ramzaan from Mid-July to Mid-August the Admission schedules can change a little bit this year. Therefore it’s better to talk to school/college personally.

Same criteria is also applicable to students seeking admission in Vocational Courses in UAE after doing their grade 10.



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