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I have recently given exams of class 10 ssc part 2, in class 9 ssc part 1 I got 95 %. Now I am confused whether to do FA or FSc

I have recently given exams of class 10 ssc part 2, in class 9 ssc part 1 I got 95 %. Now I am confused whether to do FA or FSc

Query Statement: Assalam o alaikum .. i have recently given exams of class 10 ssc part 2.. in class 9 ssc part 1 i got 95 %. now i am confused whether to do FA or FSc .. i am good in drawing ,painting ,skecting, designing etc thats why i am interested in doing FA with subjects “fine arts , economics and maths”. after doing FA i will then go for National College of Arts Lahore (NCA).. i want to ask that am i choosing right subjects because i want to know the market demand of these subjects in future. if u think that FSc is more in demand and appreciated option then i can do it as well.. but if i will be doing FSc then should i choose maths or bio.. ?? i am not having any problems related to studies,, i can work day and night to make my future bright… you just tell me that what should i do to be successful in future.. kindly tell me that should i do FSc ( what to choose maths or biology) or should i do FA ( what subjects to choose then ) i am interested in drawing sketching and painting.. i like fine arts but u tell me the subjects that i should choose i will have no problem studying them but those subjects should give me respect and success in future.. thanks

Education Level: Matriculation

Subject Related Skills:  i have got 95 % marks ( 500/525) in ssc part 1.. i was head girl in my previous school. i have participated in spelling bee competition ,debate competition , reading competition.. i have received badges of A1 speller , and best reader.

Non Subject Related Skills:  i am good in drawing, sketching, painting , glass painting , designing etc i love creativity.. i like conceptual things.

Interests: i love creativity. i hate cramming which is common in federal board. i am conceptual student. i am used to write everything in my own words. i want to do fine arts but which subjects to choose with it

Career Objective:  I want to choose a career which will prove good in my future.. that will be respectful , that will give me success. i can do everything.. i just want to know market demand of different careers.. i want someone to guide me to choose most successful subjects.

Counseling (History): My parent says that its my choice and my teachers say that u can do everything just think.. No one giudes me.. I can also meet ur team for advise ..

CCP Pakistan Advsiors’ Replies

Hasnain Malik

I’ll suggest you to do ICS OR general group stat math economics as in this you will get good marks for getting admission in NCA

Dr Anila khan

I would like to suggest that if you have interest in fine Arts and you have passion for it then go for it. As in present senior you dont have idea after F.A or F.S.C what field will chose . but as for as Fine Arts is concerned you have a concrete plan to go a head. Then go for it …
Stay bless
Best wishes 

Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.First of all congratulations for getting a shining grade in SSc-I :) I have read all the details and concluded the following options for you. co I will suggest you to do FA because you are much familiar with arts and painting works, and after that you can do graduation by NCA which is the best institute of Arts. There are so much opportunities in the field of Arts and sketch work. As you have seen many of the artist who are more creative and can work the best.Secondly if you are choosing FSc then you have to choose bio and after the FSc then go for MBBS to become a doctor that is also a most respectable in our society, but as you have mentioned that you are interested in arts, sketch and painting works, then FA will be more suitable for you.Moreover, FA will make you more vibrant and will polish you for the career to be started after FA. Furthermore NCA will also elaborate Skills and abilities and will make you brighter as they have the very good teaching and learning environment in the city. Just concentrate on your study and future. Feel free to contact for any assistance. Good Luck for the future :) Cheers :) Best Regards, 

Uzma Sadaqat

Dear Zainab, I would suggest you to choose F. Sc. with biology to give a good start to your future education. After F.Sc., you can apply for BFA (Bachelor in Fine Art) at NCA. Every year, they invite thousands candidates but give admission to 100+ students only.  So, in case, if you are not selected by NCA, you can go to a medical college to make your future bright and more secure. And you can use your creativity in medical fields like plastic surgery etc.  Best of Luck,

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Heartiest congratulations for securing such a wonderful scores at 9th Part-I. It is also expected and wished that get very good marks at 9th Part-II, too, Insha Allah.

Considering your abilities, interest and aptitude, you are suggested to opt for F.Sc. with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
It would broaden the scope of your further studies. You can get admitted at the following institutions with degrees.
1. National College of Arts Lahore. for Architecture, etc.
2. University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, for any Engineering, Architecture.
3. Go ahead with your B.Sc.

Mathematics is the fundamental, logical and sequential subject which broadens scope and mind simultaneously.
Therefore, FSc with mathematics would be most appropriate for you.
Wish you great luck.

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please go for FSc.



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