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I have passed my F.Sc part 2, I tried for admission in Medical college but can’t make it, now I am confused what should I do?

I have passed my F.Sc part 2, I tried for admission in Medical college but can’t make it, now I am confused what should I do…

Query Statement: I have passed my F.Sc part 2, I tried for admission in Medical college but can’t make it, now I am confused what should I do…sometimes I think that I should apply for political science in GCU this year n will be aiming at CSS…but at same time I think if I didn’t made it in CSS what will I do this & that. Sometimes I think that I should reappear in EATA for med. college admission…I m stuck in political science & med. as I want to go for both…I can’t make a choice… help me if u can.. Thank u! and Matric=940/1050

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related: nope

Skills – Non Subject Related: no

Interests: service of humanity, standing for the truth

Career Objective: service of humanity, standing for the truth

Counseling (History): nothing much


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Try your luck again in Medical next time and if at all you remain unsuccessful, then opt for Political Science. Medical is a professional degree and is of course a better choice. It also will provide an opportunity to opt for CSS too.

Wish you great luck.

Dr. Fauzia  Khurshid

Nice to know about you and your academic record, sometimes students who reappear in exams or entry test can get required marks to enter in a medical college. You may use this option if you think it is workable in your circumstances. If you think political science is doable for you, avail this option. 

But normally sciences students are not comfortable with arts subjects. What do you think about other related science disciplines, like bioinformatics or other fields? I think you have to visit web site of various universities and ready their programs what they are offering in sciences.  

Best of Luck

Farhan Khan

I appreciate the way you are thinking & analyzing your future plans. The very first element which is most important in career selection is your interest & opportunities which you can foresee. Other than your mention two fields there are many others like Bio-sciences, Pharma, Social management; you can do a bit research on these areas too. At this stage I can only advise you to select a field where you can have more options to switch & grow. It is batter to repeat & try another time for medical college, if you have more interest in that area. In fields like Political sciences the options are very few. Compare to that social management, commerce, business administration give you option to go ahead with CSS as well as rest of career development opportunities. 

Best of Luck,

Syed Iqbal Haider

You are a good student and have performed well in your Matriculation and Intermediate. If you can afford to live far from home try to apply in all the Medical Colleges in Pakistan (Small or Big, New or Old) once you have admission you may try to get transfer in some later years, otherwise you will become doctor in Pakistan. Then you can specialize in the field of your choice.

If admissions are all closed this year, continue with your B.Sc., you will have 2 chances to apply for admissions to Med Schools, before graduating your B.Sc;  Then if you still did not get in Med School you will have a graduate degree and can also attempt to sit in CSP / CSS exams.

Take advice from your favorite teacher and Principal as well.


Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

As for as your admission in med is concerned, there is lot of competition, but if you are willing to get admission in med then you have to prepare for the entry test of med in good manner.

Moreover, if you are going for political science then there is bright future of it. Medical also has a bright future. If you trying for CSS and could not succeed then thing won’t stop. There are so many candidates who try for CSS but can’t clear.

Get prepare for med with good preparation of test once again, if you succeed, then continue for med otherwise political science is also good.

Good Luck

Hammad Siddqui

If you want to continue in Human sciences, you may consider BSc in physiology, microbiology or even physiotherapy 

Zubair Bajwa

The options available are:

  • Take SAT exam and get into private engineering university
  • Look into courses offered by Agriculture University Faisalabad, a lot of demand in biotech, food technology etc.
  • Get admission in pharma.

Don’t lose heart, there are a lot of opportunities; it only takes hard work and determination.

Good luck!

Sajid Ali

I will advise not to follow instructions from outside or get confused because at the end you will have to live with your profession till last. Think before taking step that what are your interests and why? Then talk to parents and make them convince that at the end I will have to live with my profession so why I should not choose in on my interest so i will enjoying my professional life thereafter…

Faisal Ayub

First of all be clear what you want to do in future. Once you make your mind you can pursue any profession that you want but you have to put your whole hearted effort in that and you will definitely succeed.

It’s only you who can decide which path to choose and no one else.

Hope you got the answer if not email me again 

Ajaz Ahmad

In my opinion you should give one more try to medical college and at the same time apply for BS (4 year) in some subject. But the idea of is not that good because if you could not do CSS there will be less scope of the subject, however, BBA, BS in economics, environmental science, and other policy and development studies subjects will be much more beneficial. Hope its helps


Hassnain Malik

You can do CSS .I will suggest you to do graduation simple and then master in English .After that contact me I will guide you for CSS



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