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I have done my Fsc. pre-medical with almost 61 % marks. Initially, I wanted to be a Doctor but due to my chronic illness, I could not study well in Fsc, Instead, I tried to get admission in BS English literature

I have done my Fsc. pre-medical with almost 61 % marks. Initially, I wanted to be a Doctor but due to my chronic illness, I could not study well in Fsc, Instead, I tried to get admission in BS English literature

Query Statement: I have done my Fsc. pre-medical with almost 61 % marks. Initially, I wanted to be a Doctor but due to my chronic illness, I could not study well in Fsc and i gave up the idea of being Doctor.

Instead, I tried to get admission in BS English literature. I want to mention that i want to mention that I chose this field because of my inborn passion for English Literature particularly novels which I have been reading since my childhood.Due to my illness, I thought that It woud be very easy for me to handle my studies in a subject i am interested in.

I applied in the University of my City but could not get admission due extremely high merit demand.

Unfortunately, i had to get admission in a local college which is affiliated to that very university.

I did almost three semesters there but decided to leave due to low education standards and administrative issues.

Though, Ill but i am a very talented person with good IQ level. i always felt myself a misfit in the college.

I want to get into the university envirnment and achieve excellence.

But my marks in Intermediate do not allow me do so.

My parents do not want to get me admitted into a private university, neither do i want to get there.

Now, I have decided to to get admission into Mass Communication or go to another city for admission in English.

English literature is my passion and I do not want to leave it, as I think that I can do extremely well in this field but no university is welcoming enough as yet.

I want your assistance in this matter.

 Secondly, I want to know the difference between BS and B.A Honors, some website’s say its the same thing, others say these are two different programs, please do let me know the difference

If these are two different things, then what the merits and demerits of each?

And will I have to do M.A if I do B.A honors?

Please advice me at this matter and kindly give all necessary details.

Thank you!

Education Level: Bachelors

Subject Related Skills: I am a profound extensive reader.

Non Subject Related Skills: Nil

Interests: Photography, Cooking, Travelling

Career Objective: I want to reach PhD level in English literature and want to study in Cambridge one day.

Counseling (History): My parents want me to get admission in any field I can do well but there preference is English literature as well.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query and extremely sorry for late reply due to busy schedule.

The major difference in between BS and B.A Honors is;

BS is related to all scientific and technological subject, while B.A Honors is related to social science subjects. BS will lead to all technological studies but after completing B.A Honour you don’t need to do M.A, you can get admission directly in M.Phil. leading to PhD which is more suitable for you.

As you have interest in English Literature, I will suggest you do B.A Honors (4 years degree program) and get enrolled in M. Phil leading to Ph.D.

Get well soon :) Good Luck


Faisal Ayub

From your email it is evident that you have good passion for English literature hence the best would be to go to another city where you can find good environment for study.

As far as the other part of your question, frankly I dont have exact info but from my idea BS is a two years course while BA hons is a three years course and you have to do one year education after BA hons to get MA degree.


Hasnain Malik

Hons and BS both are 4 year degree Program and there is no any difference

Sajid Ali

My suggestion will be don’t waste time and complete your degree where you are currently enrolled at college you think is of low standard. Degree doesn’t matter but your level pf expertise so grab your degree from that college and then keep moving according to your desires whether its second master of M.Phil. or Ph.D.
there is no such difference in BA and BS but only time matters.
BS(Hons) is of eight  semesters and  BA is of four but BS is more valued in academia
never stop but keep going once you start your journey then options will itself coming to you and you will be in a good position to choose.

Good luck

Maha Khalid

That’s a tough one, you can’t take the universities you have on offer and the ones you want to go to demand a certain aptitude. If you are passionate about this, we suggest you meet criteria to the university you want to go to. Also you have not mentioned the city you are in so we can’t advise you on your options at the moment.

The difference between BS and BA is the difference between studying a subject as a science and as an academic degree. They differ on those grounds simply put. Same case with masters degrees, those academic in nature are MA and MBA etcetra and those MSc are scientific in nature. 

Studying any subject as a science is different from studying it as an academic degree. Scientific degrees always have a universally higher level of importance and many PHDs are pursued through this process which ends up earning titles of Doctor to those that pursue this career path. When you get there you are eligible to publish works as a recognized doctor of the field, an expert if you must and you are regarded as a potential teacher of the subject, therefore.

Zubair Bajwa

Don’t lose heart, there are so many other good fields that you can join. Forget about English, Urdu, Islamiat, Arts, etc. Your base in Fsc is Bio and there are so many new fields that are in demand by Medical and other industries.

Consult Post Graduate medical institute and Agriculture University for choice of courses.

The future is Science and you have base in it; don’t be disappointed.

Good Luck!! 

Sayed Iqbal Haider

You seem to be a keen student of literature. Best thing for you to pursue is to take an appointment with some senior Professor or the Head of The Dept. of English Literature or any related subject, including Psychology.

Explain all your circumstances and your interests.

I am sure you will get some good feedback, which will help you resolve your concerns.




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