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I have done bachelors in finance and facing difficulty in finding a good job in a prestigious organization

I have done bachelors in finance and facing difficulty in finding a good job in a prestigious organization

Query Statement: I have done bachelors in finance (16 years) from comsats. Now I am facing difficulty in finding a good job in a prestigious organization. I have done internship in wi-tribe in finance department. Now i am doing internship in Norwegian Refugee council assisting in monitoring and evaluation. I would like you to guide me.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related:   MS office, Sap, Beta calculation, portfolio management, ratio analysis, Spss

Skills – Non Subject Related: Project management, Data analysis

Interests:  finance, Administration, accounts, Oil and gas

Career Objective: I am currently enrolled in certification of internal auditor. but people say that MBA is must to enter into the job market.

Counseling(History): no one counselled me yet as my father is deceased and i am the only son.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Hasnain Malik

There is no such requirement of doing M.BA. You already have master degree so you can apply 

Dr Manzoor yetto

Dear go for executive MBA,it will boost your career inshallha

Nida Shoaib

Asalaam U Alaikum 

Please join a Masters degree in evening and look for jobs. Do a massive job hunt online and apply in all relevant areas.

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query,

As for as the job is concerned, it will get some time to find some suitable & desired job,  As you have bachlors in Finance, there so many candidates searching for job, i will suggest you to continue your job and enroll in MBA Finance in evening in any institute. Also take some sort of short questions that will enable and enhance your skills and abilities.

You will get some what suitable job, but continue searching and don’t be disappointed at any stage.

Good Luck

Ajaz Ahmad

I would urge you to go you and have a look of the job market and the way fresh graduates are facing the problems. No offense but these fancy dreams which are sold in classes come true after putting some efforts and that take quiet some time. And I think working with Norwegian Refugee Council and working in M&E department is not that bad. So stay focused and keep trying. Good luck


Syed Iqbal haider

Thank you for the email.

One thing good you have shown is the will to achieve your goals.

I think you should take an appointment with some professional from a local major oil company, specializing in Finance and Management   or discuss your aspirations with a Chartered Accountant or Professor at the institute of cost and Management education.

 I am more of a scientist and an Engineer and may not be the right person to direct you effectively !!!

Wish you all the success, in your career


Fauzia Khusrhid

As I understand you point of view that you want to do job on a good position good organization.  you have marketable expertise. I think if you regularly read newspaper and visit various website chances are there that you will get a good job. if you go for MBA this will definitely lead you towards more good job. 

Imran baig


Better ask your teacher in COMSATS. They will be in a better position to tell you.


Zubair Bajwa

NGO sector is an excellent starting point, after three years try for the UN. Don’t lose heart keep on working hard.

Best Wishes

Faisla Ayub

Having 16 years Bachelors is enough but due to situation of Pakistan, many of the young people are looking for job, and the competition is hard. So Masters would give you a certain more chance. However i suggest you go for an evening MBA from a reputable institution and try for job in the morning. Since now days everybody is looking for experience you would have some by the time you will have your MBA. Don’t stop yourself for entering a good job because of the pay. See if it gives you good experience and good prospects for the future.



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