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I and my team members are working on Career Counselling of Matric and Inter students. How should we initiate this?

I and my team members are working on Career Counselling of Matric and Inter students. How should we initiate this?

Query Statement: Asalam o Alaikum. I am a student of Bs Computer Sciences (6th semester). British Council introduced an Active Citizen Program at the end of this program we have to work on a Social Action Project (SAP). I and my team members are working on Career Counselling of Matric and Inter students (as we are also students). Could your team can guide me and my team members to train our-self that how can we guide them…….

Thanku :)

Education Level: Bachelors

Subject Related Skills:  Career Counselling of matric and inter students.

Non Subject Related Skills: Computer skills.

Interests: Guide me with important tips so that I and my team members can guide other students.

Career Objective: We have to do this.

Counseling (History): My family members….. My siblings.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Salamn S

We have introduced 2 day training workshop for career counseling with school students. You need to email at, We accommodate you as volunteers and charge nothing for that. I will guide you further as requested.
We believe in our youth and support them for community work to serve the society.


Syed Iqbal Haider

Check your library at British Council, books on Guidance and High School Counselling. 

More over you can request the In-charge at the British Council to order relevant books from London School Board, that their advisers use!

There is no one rule for all. Choice of life varies as per personality, preferences of career each person wants to take up in his/her life, are never the same. 

 I hope this advice may lead you to take the required steps to right directions?


Sajid Ali

I appreciate your step of counseling the students as par as the matter
of training so i believe its enough to have the passion and interest
of helping other, moreover i will suggest some simple steps for
counseling below.
1. Briefly study the case/query.
2. Assess the interest of person/student what he/she want to do.
3. Suggest the one they love to do not suggest the one that have high
scope because sometime we are getting confused in selection of CA and
MBBS both are good but one may not have good mathematics skills and
want to be a doctor just for the sake of scope.
4. Mobilize and motivate them to have command over their desired
skills/subject in place of disperse mind…

Good Luck

Muhammad Owais Atta Siddiqui

In which city are you currently working? And what is your target audience? What you can do is make a proper roadmap and prepare course outline of the things you need to cover. Identify schools, talk to their principals and conduct your counseling sessions with them. If you’re in Karachi you can contact me directly at as well for a detailed discussion. 


Safeer Abbas

That sounds really great. 

I’ll forward the matter to my team Agri. Education Pakistan and Competent Authority of Career Counseling Portal Pakistan to organize a training session especially to train and in support of your noble cause.

End. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

This is a very good and appreciative work you and your team is doing so.

There are so many tips and tricks that can guide a student in much better way, so of these are given below for you and your team that might help you.

1- You must have clear concepts for educational institutions and policies of education.

2- A clear concept of technology and fields related.

3- Should have knowledge as professional in the field of work & education.

4- Can easily understand the viewpoints of each query of the students related to their future.

5- Must analyze the scenario of the query by any student and guide him/her in proper way.

6- You must have some sort of research for the fields of education like, technology, science, arts, and humanities.

7- Try to collect data of universities according to city or province wise (private and public universities list is available at HEC website).

8- Before replying to any query, always read and discuss with the team and find some proper reply and answer in short and meaningful way so that the student be satisfied.

9- There must be your contact details (an email id for the students where they can submit their queries and contact number for information via sms or call). It is very necessary to get connected.

Moreover, there are so many other tips where you can find a better solutions over internet, magazines, research articals, research journals and you can also contact me for further assistance and help @ & 0333-7364208 at anytime..

I really appreciate this work because there is lack of guidance for our students, if they properly guided they can be better Future & better Pakistan.

Live Long Pakistan.

Good Luck :)

Faisal Ayub

The most important part of career counselling is to judge what the student him/herself wants to do and how he/she sees him/her self in the future. If the student is not clear you have to ask them a few questions to see their aptitude and the job/business opportunities in that area. Once a fair understanding of the aptitude is made its easy to guide them with books/periodicals/general knowledge.

Sara Khalili

For the query under, Fabiha should focus more on listening to the students, initially, and getting to know them better. Evaluate them and then give them the options. The questions that need to be asked for career counselling are as follows:

What is the child currently studying?

Does it interest him?

Evaluate if he is successful in what he is currently doing.

What does he wish to be in the future?

What do his parents/family want him to be in the future?

What are his available options?

Give him the options and alternates to the fields of his interest.

Ask some more questions related to all the above and evaluate him further. Check if he really wants to or can do what he wishes to do or is just going by the trend. Explain it to him that every career cannot be adopted for all. Eg. Not everyone can be an artist or a doctor etc. All professions are sacred.

More importantly, tell the kids, there is no final stop to what they are thinking at this stage. It can change as they grow up. There is no full stop to anything.

Once you have sorted the best career choice for him, give him the path on how he can reach there. As in, what he should do next and from which institution till you give him the roadmap to his destination. It will require a lot of work for you as you are supposed to know how he should move ahead.

Good luck counselling the careers.




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