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I am currently waiting for my 1st year result which is said to be coming out next month i-e. August. Actually I’m anxious about it because I did not do well in my exams

I am currently waiting for my 1st year result which is said to be coming out next month i-e. August. Actually I’m anxious about it because I did not do well in my exams

Query Statement: I am currently waiting for my 1st year result which is said to be coming out next month i-e. August. Actually I’m anxious about it because I did not do well in my exams. I did my matriculation with 89 percentage and I was a bright student throughout my school life. To become doctor was my desire but it looks like I won’t be able to achieve it as I did not do well in my 1st year exam. Please tell me what I should do now.

Education Level: Intermediate

Subject Related Skills: I’m studying Biology. Chemistry, physics.

Non Subject Related Skills: I don’t have good writing skills but sometimes I write stories (without finishing them) and I think that if I practice I can become a writer.

Interests: Drawing, crafts, reading, watching animations mainly ‘japanese animations’.

Career Objective: To become a doctor was my objective as parents wished. But secretly I want to become a detective.

Counseling (History): My parents think I can become a doctor because I am the brightest of my siblings. Our teachers didn’t guide us. This is the first time I’m approaching something for career counseling.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Muhammad Owais Atta Siddiqui

Well, you interests and your ambitions are in different directions. You write and also do things like drawing, crafting etc which makes you an arts person. Please reconsider your decision of going towards Medical and also think may be your lack of interest in Medical related subjects may be one of the reasons you didn’t perform well in exam.

Wait for your result and then act accordingly. If you get a good result, then consider going towards the Medical side. If that’s not the case, complete your intermediate and then consider going towards some arts filed such as BS in English Literature etc. Please do what excite you and don’t follow whatever your parents say and consider discussing it with your parent with detailed reasoning.

Good luck.


Noor Ali

You mentioned two of your basic problems one is about your exams and the second is about to your career path.  First you have to decide about your career, I don’t think now a days any parents endorse their wish on children, so if you discuss with them and tell them what you want to do, they definitely allow you to choose you career by yourself. Normally parents just want to see children where they prefer good for them so if you convince them they can go with your choice.

Regarding you not did well with your exam, dear don’t waste your time, let’s do start your studies again, and focus on your weak areas and I think you have an option of repeating subject in 2nd year.  So you can catch-up if you really think so. 


Farhad Khan

Thanks for the e-mail & consulting me. 

I really pleased to know that you are thinking positively to get on right track in career selection. The most important element in career selection & development is individual’s aptitude, likewise writing for you. If your family wish to see you as medical practitioner then medical doctor is not only option, now days there are many diversified fields in health sciences like Physiology, Physiotherapy, neutralization, Bio sciences, Pharma & so on; which you can easily carry along with your own field of interest , i mean writing. To have a full time professional trade is the demand of the time & if you think that your upcoming life can be planned to grow up 100% as a writer & you have opportunities around then there is no harm in diverting your study from medical to field of your choice & carry forward with F.A, BA (arts subjects) & then masters in again fine arts to get a specialized degree. on other side you should consider more deeply impact of your selected field in your personal life, your social set up, your family allowable limits ; overall your personal demographics.

Regarding you last exam which unfortunately did not went that fine as you shared, which is not that big deal, You need to decide first what you want to do then you may proceed with dedication & hard work to achieve your set objects either any field in medical/ health sciences or fine arts.

Best of Luck…….

Zubair Bajwa

Wait and pray for your result; whatever it may come, work hard in your second year. See if you are interested in in Pharma-D, it should be your second choice. Your 3 rd choice should be micro-biology or food technology from Agri University Faisalabad. And after getting into your line of profession go for CSS to make your wish come true.

All the best

Zeeshan Ahmad

Work for your passion and tell your parents clearly, 

Regarding to improve your writing skills, keep writing and sharing and then read it again that what the point you want to convey has been conveyed or not soon you will feel improvement in your writing skills. 

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Hope you good

Wait for your result of Last year. If you get good marks, fine.

Otherwise, you are advised to repeat Last year. Obviously, it would help you in getting success towards you dream to become a doctor.

Wish you great luck.

Hasnain Malik

Search all mistakes what has given you bad result. If you think that biology is not your field then change it and do first year with physics, chemistry math and if you think you can do with bio then repeat it and take home tuition from start with experienced person for getting good marks in next year. If you are in Pindi Islamabad contact me on 03335682814 I can provide you competent experienced home tutors as well and if you are living in any other city then study at skype, i can arrange for you

Ali Soomro

Hope you will be doing fine and great.
Most important tip in life is to be confident and have faith in yourself.
Firstly, wait for the result and hope will be having colorful marks in your
Secondly, to become a doctor you have good score in your matriculations and
hope you will get good result in your intermediate too.

If you are not selected as doctor in any medical university then no need to
be worry about at all, there are so many fields except MBBS.
There are so many universities in Pakistan which are offering professional
As your parents are also saying that you are brighter in your siblings
then you must go for MBBS, try it, if succeed then carry on to make them
proud and happy.

The most important thing is that what you want to become? What is your field
of interest?
Moreover, don’t be anxious about the result, let it come and decide.
Good Luck and Cheers :)
Make parents smile..

Syed Iqbal Haider

Asslam O Alaikum,

You certainly, seem like a bright person, because in grade 11 a normal Pakistani kid does not write a good composition in English, you are good at it!

Considering your performance in last exam, I have no doubt that you can achieve what you want.

You know doctors are good detectives, they use Diagnostics and direct interviews with patients to find out the problems. Isn’t that what detectives do?

At your age you will encounter several diversions and deviations, of interests and attractions.

If you stay focused, there is nothing wrong in social and hobby activities. 

These activities provide you wider perspective of what is happening around in the society and in the world, but stay focused on what you want to achieve in life.

 As you said, you were a bright student, you still are a bright student! 

Brightness is not once in a while event, it is instinctive and you cannot get rid of it.

I had a student who will listen full lecture in the class, with so much concentration that after the class, he could repeat every single word he learnt in that lecture. 

Out of class, he was a great naughty boy. Since I was teaching in a fully residential college, students in the boarding house, always used to complain against him, that he plays and disturbs them by all kinds of Shararat and does not let them do their homework.

So, do not worry, if you want to pursue some good hobby and social activity, as long as you concentrate and stay focused on your life motives, you will be a successful doctor, Insha-Allah!!


Maha Khalid

You want to pursue medical, your parents want it and you’ve been aiming for it since you can remember. There is no other path you ever even thought of. Keep it that way and you will get where you are wanting to go. Don’t be so negative and wait for the results. Wherever the result falls, you can keep pushing yourself and don’t compare yourselves to others and feel bad, don’t even compare yourself to kids your age and think you are running out of time. Education has no age and no time. Your only goal should be to get to your destination. As for being a detective, no better detective than a doctor that can diagnose problems with only symptoms. Try watching Dr House tv series, it will not only entertain you but also inspire you to keep at it.

Dr. Fauzia Khurshid

Glad to know that you are a bright student and your parents are proud of you. You said that you are waiting for your 1st year result which is coming soon.  I hope you will get good marks in first year, if not, no worries you can go for improvement as well. 

I think bright student can overcome hurdles ever easily. I think becoming a doctor is difficult thing, u should revise your schedule (time management) and try to ask from teachers if things are not cleared to you (you can join academy as well). 

You can also go for specialization in any science subject. As far as Skills are concerned you can learn any skills in which you are interested.  

Thanks for approaching us. 

Best of Luck

Sajid Ali

Apologies for delay in response i was on field
visits, dear medical is not the only profession with bright future you
can see for multiple options around you based on your interest. No
need to worry just focus on your desire and never give up. If becoming
a doctor is your only option then i will suggest to re-appear in
subjects with low marks and no one can stop from getting higher marks
and be a future doctor.

Good luck




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