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General Query

General Query

Query Statemnet: Proof read of my CV and need career counseling in Pakistan

Education Level:  Masters

Skills – Subject Related: computer skills,Ms Office,MIS, ERP etc emails, internet good english language

Skills – Non Subject Related:  hr and admin related activities, filing, recruitment etc

Interests:      marketing and merchandising, supply chain

Career Objective:   to prosper in the field of marketing and merchandising, planning ,supply chain management

Counseling(History): i received advises like continue study to ms/m.phil ,p.hd and move to education sector marketing is not best suit to u , due to less talkative, communication, introvertness, shyness

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

 Saima Zuberi


Watch the following TED talk video to learn about potential capabilities of introverts. (The speaker is an introvert herself.) Susan Cain: The power of introverts

Don’t let others decide your career based on their own judgements. You need to explore your own passions and determine your own strengths. Pursuing a PhD requires a great deal of commitment but it’s really rewarding for those who are excited about research, intellectual work and exploring new areas of knowledge. Remember, the purpose of post-graduate studies is to gain expertise and contribute to research. It’s not vocational training, and getting a job is not the purpose.

I don’t see your CV attached but I hope my response will help you think independently: how YOU feel about yourself, your career, your future and your personal goals.



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