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General Query

 General Query

Query Statement: I need a career counseling or advise whatever you can give me. I am very depressing about my future, i have so many options in my mind and i do not know which option is best for me. Please guide me what can i do.

This is my profile.

  1. Matric  2. F.Sc. 3. B.A  4. CAT 5. ACCA 6. MBA 7. BSC HONOR OXFORD BROOKES

 These are the options which i have:

  1. Apply for Australia in MPA program
  2. Apply for Canada in master in international accounting n finance
  3. Go 4 CSS but i have fear that if i will fail then my time will waste.
  4. Go Dubai and apply for jobs

 Actually, i am not finalizing the things that which i will do which is best for my career and also boost up my career. Kindly, guide me according to my options and if u feel that these options are also not good then guide me according to you.

Education Level: Masters

Skills – Subject Related: ORACLE R-12

Skills – Non Subject Related: I think i have no skills

Interests: watching horror movies, football, cricket, reading novels

Career Objective: I want to do job in multinational organizations.

Counseling(History): No one guide me properly :( everyone have their own options… that why i cannot finalize the things.

 CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Uzma Sadaqat

You have done so much as far as your study is concerned. Now it’s a high time to roll up your sleeves and pitch in some productive work. And I meant some real work. I would suggest you to pursue your career in accountancy if you like playing with numbers as you mentioned that you have done ACCA. This will eventually lead you to join any multinational company in near future. Hope you will start working soon.

Much Regards,

Anjum Naz

Thanks for your query

It seems you are confused, so you do not understand the ground realities of career, first of all it is important that you should be clear about your aims so follow your instincts every fields is good if you could perform, if you have financial issues then you may go for job but if you can sponsor yourself then you should have to go for advance studies. Moreover you can apply for scholarships…

 I strongly suggest that you have to decide in which you are most interested because only there you can perform

Best of luck for your future

Allah Bless you

 Imran Baig


Dear Nauman, it would be a good question around 5 years back. Now the field is almost selected with CAT, ACCA and MBA. Check for any good options locally or than in UAE. I hope you will find one soon.


Zubair Bajwa

You don’t need to get depressed, you are very well qualified. I suggest that you start your career in accounting here in Pakistan; don’t restrict yourself to your home town but go for good companies.

Just do the first step and then worry about the next one.

Best of Luck

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please choose the area in which you have maximum interest and potential. If you want to study further then go for it, else work for some time and then go for further education.



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