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General Query

Query Statement: I was a student of IQRA UNIVERSITY and had studied their 1 year with my efforts but they have a policy that a student can only appear in examinations if their attendance is less than 6 days leave but i failed to attempt their regulations and they canceled my registration. Now i m very tensed i need your advice and support for my better future

CCP Pakistan Advisors’ Replies

Maha Khalid

We can’t say much to her, she knew the regulations and yet didn’t abide by them. How can we help someone who’s clearly not serious about her own career from the start?

However, the best we can say is. Write a letter expressing her apologetic plea and hope they’d take her back in. From there on she can up her grades and improve her attendance

Hammad Siddiqui

If someone has not followed the rules, how can she/he be helped! Only Iqra University can waive this condition.

Lubna Saba Qazi

When she know clearly what the Rules & regulations are and still decide not to obey them, knowing how important that is for her own future. It does make me consider how serious is she towards her Education/ Career.
Though I would give her benefit of doubt, as we don’t know whether there was a valid reason. The best she can do is writing a letter and apologize and if there was a serious reason than to state that in the letter with proof as well.
I also want to highlight that her grades in this matter is essential.

Umm-E-Abdullah Imran

You have only two options. Ask your University management to cancel your registration and handed back to you, your original documents then take admission in some other institute with letting go all your previous efforts, hard work and expenses fruit less



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