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Done O’levels and A’levels – further field /university Advise

Done O’levels and A’levels  – further field/university Advise

Query Statement: I have done O’levels and A’levels from The City School. I got A B B B C D E in O levels but due to some personal issues I was unable to give Chemistry O levels. There weren’t any teachers available in city Peshawar even for math’s , physics , chemistry , bio and computers . I selected chemistry, physics and bio. I have given both AS and A2 exams this May/June. I have no idea that what result would I get. I did all the preparation by myself. i will give chemistry O levels exam this November . I want your help to guide me. i want to go to NUST or LUMS . But due to 7 subjects in O levels my equivalence cannot be made. And i am worried about my A levels exams. i want to enter a university next year . I also want to know I i can do SATs to enter NUST , i want to know what subjects will i have to prepare and when are these exams . I also want to ask if i prepare for maths and computers A levels and i give these in November will this be a right decision. Because i really don’t want to do Medical now . i am being told that i should go for simple BA , because i have a Plan for CSS but i need a proper guidance that which university should i go to , what should i do if my A levels grades do not even make 60 % because i know that i did very bad .

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related: I am very good at dealing with software, i took computers but later on i dropped it as i was told by my principal. I like Chemistry, Biology and English language/literature

Skills – Non Subject Related: Art, i am very good at art , nail art and makeup . I like reading and writing articles. I have deep knowledge about Human Reproduction and Microbiology as i am very interested in these and these are not included in my syllabus. i have dozen of certificates for co-curricular activities .

Interests: I like English literature and i love learning different languages such as Persian and German. I am learning C++ on my own because i am really interested in programming

Career Objective: The subjects i studied leads me to Medical but i want to become a software Engineer plus i want to do CSS in future

Counseling(History): We don’t have any career counselors here in Peshawar , not in our school and if there are any they are for over sees . i have been so confused throughout my life . my parents just told me to do what i want to do , but this doesn’t helps at all . now i have ended here with simply nothing in hands . My principle just told me to go for 3 subjects in A levels . i have been asking for a career counselor from my teachers but none of them actually got me one . i need your guidance because i am totally blank and i need someone to guide me . I really want to do something.

CCP Pakistan Advisors replies

Uzma Sadaqat

Take a deep breath first and relax. There are many concerns on your mind which made you confuse. As far as your career is concerned, I would suggest you to put first things first. I recommend you to focus on improving your percentage in O level’s to begin with. Your grades seem not so good right now but I’m sure that you can improve them. You must attempt to get 80% at least. It will build a strong foundation for you to choose a career of your choice. You can choose subjects of your choice i.e computers, math, physics, English literature. Later on you can go for computer software career.

All the very best for your future.

Hasnain Malik

If you have plan for CSS then its better do A level with any two humanity group papers as mathematics is also tough and no benefits in CSS and also computer is little bit difficult. You may select American history, Pak studies, Islamiyat, sociology etc

 Zubair Bajwa


I gathered from your mail that you want to do Computer Engineering but you don’t get good A Level teachers and expect poor result.

Take SAT Tests and prepare for admissions in GIK, NUST, Qaid e Azam Islamabad, CASE, UET Taxila, ComSat, VU, Fast. InsAllah you’ll get selected, just concentrate on Admission tests.

 In Engineering go for Computer Science, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil.

Good Luck!

Hamid Gul

Very short answer to you long queries, maybe I miss something but I would suggest you to opt for – BioTeck or Bio-Statistics degree program.

This is an emerging or already emerged degree program. You can read it here:

Careers | Biotechnology Degree Guide

This will allow you to study both medics and technology and this field has emerging demands. As healthcare is getting standardized and our country still has to go for it. In future, I can expect a huge stream of jobs otherwise abroad is big scope for this too.

As for my knowledge, COMSATS, NUST, MAJOU are offering these degree programs.

Let me know if you still need any assistance

Kind Regards

Muhammad Yousaf Iqbal

After going through your profile, I have assumed that you are double minded at the moment which most of the girls face at this stage. You know yourself well, just see and observe which subject you pick easily and there is no burden on your mind while learning.

Secondly, go for A level subjects at the moment, pick them up of your choice and i’ll suggest you to do SAT as well and apply abroad, computer has got lot more in abroad than you can even imagine.

Now, come to last and most important that you want to do CSS and you have more interest in computer field then medicine. Look for CSS, BA is ok but in case you dont qualify then??? So, what I say is you must have a professional degree before you jump into CSS. At least you’ll have choice and you’ll have a peace of mind.
I am a software engineering student; it’s an awesome field once you get on board. Every girl in Pakistan prefer medical. This trend should change now. Do what you feel good doing it. Best of Luck, For quires you can contact


Asif Ali Azad


Seems I am writing to someone very multi-talented, having diversified interests and over active mind which is generating overwhelming, thought about future. That over active mind will create anxiety and you will lose you concentration and ability to focus.

 My advises are different from others; you are now in the perfect stage of life to know about yourself and its relation with life. To know about LIFE is very important, and someone must guide you that LIFE is not in the separate small parts of collage, university, job, business, family, etc but it is as a whole.

 Important points about life

 Be in the present moment [NOW], not in past that will bring depression, and not in future that will bring anxiety.

  • Find out the purpose of your life, know about yourself, who you are, why you are here?
  • Life is not all about to think a lot, it is all about how you feel
  • The purpose of education is not to earn materialistic life or just about degree, facts or science, but awareness of our inner needs.

 Basically you are a true seeker, your ability to self-learn is amazing, and you will materialistically successful in any field of profession, but the question is how its satisfied you, how your profession is aligned with your purpose of life and so on.

I can ask you a practice few times in a week that may help you to feel the internal feelings of yourself to the designated profession.

  • Close your eyes, be calm and relax and feel and imagine that you are studying the computer science, see you taking lectures, attending labs and so on…… how you feel?
  • Imagine and feel that you are doing a job of software engineer, solving problems, completing projects, deadlines, late sittings, resolving bugs and delivering application successfully………. How you feel?
  •  Imagine and feel that you are now have a senior position in software development field, lot of presentations, projects, meetings……. How you feel?
  •  Imagine and feel that you are now an senior position in software engineering after 15 years and how you feel?  After 20 years and how you feel? After 25 years and how you feel?

 Use the above same method as Journalist / Writer/ Humanitarian/ doctor or whatever profession you want to feel about inner feeling.

 The rule of thumb is to know you attitude and to find out what kind of work / study/ books/ sports are more fascinating in which you involve much that you forgets about the time. I personally feel that as a writer / humanitarian or journalist or any field that has blending of human skills with research and seeking knowledge with humanitarian touch is good for you.


 Best regards

 Waqar Ali

 First choice you should go for non-medical trait. Good to hear that you’re interested in programming .

Try to get admission in Giki,NUST,LUMS or FAST in CS .



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