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Done FSc Pre Medical but not interested in Medical, suggest subjects for further studies

Done FSc Pre Medical but not interested in Medical, suggest subjects for further studies

Query Statement: hello……I have complete my inter ( karachi board) from pre medical……I got A grade in 1st yr…..and had worked hard to get A1 in 2nd yr,…….I dont want to continue medical further…..I am a creative person having leader ship qualities with full confidence….I can meet with challenges keeping lots of energy in my self…..I am not a shy person,……i can taik easily with any one…..I am friendly as well……i have much interest in sports…..this is me…

now the question what should you suggest me to do in future….and one thing more ….what do you which university is better either Karachi University or pvt ones……?????????

kindly help me out…..i’ll be thankful to you….

Education Level: Matriculation

Skills – Subject Related: I have leader ship qualities in my self……..i can meet different types of challenges with lots of potentials….I am a confident person..I have given my time to my school just after my matriculation working as interni..I was a part of a NGO as well and now m teaching in a school

Skills – Non Subject Related: I have interest in sports as well…I was sports captain at school and at college level…I was a famous host in school and college…I was also famous for comparing…I was famous for panel discussion as well

Interests:   I like creativity…am social as well….m not shy…m confident….i can talk on at any topic…i like to meet with new people and new things….i love travelling and exploring….

Career Objective: I am totally confused regarding it,………………

Counseling(History):  I attend career counseling seminar twice in m life 1st one before matriculation and the last one before intermediate…..

CCP Pakistan Advisor replies

Muhammad Ather Rafi

You can join Karachi University for graduation and their you can also prove you self by participating in sports, speeches and many other events

Anjum Naz

The answer of  your question is hidden in your description if you think you are social and can deal with people have leadership qualities then you might choose social science subject for you and Karachi university or any other public university is much better than any other private institute as the former be economic and accredited one

wish you good luck

Hasnain Malik

You should do Additional Mathematics along with and then join National college of Arts Lahore.

Muhammad Azam tahir

Since you do not intend to continue with Medical, Keeping in view you potential and aptitude, I would suggest you to join Pakistan Army as Regular Commissioned officer, if you fulfill height, weight like formalities. Army is best suited for you.
Wish you Great Luck.

Maha Khalid

While it is established that you are a passionate person and have a get go personality, you also need to think about where you see yourself ten years from now. Do you see yourself working? If you do, then where do you see yourself working? In a hospital as a doctor? In an advertising agency as a agency person? In a TV channel as a media personnel? In an NGO as a humanitarian worker of human rights?

It is true that many people are good at more than one thing, but everyone has to decide which area of expertise fits their over personality, their lifestyle, sometimes even religious, political and social values.

Make up your mind before you quit medical altogether. It will help you and us in an attempt to find your true calling.

Please write to us when you have a little more clarity.

Noor A S Qureshi

Leading quality takes you to lead in the subject of your interest. If you have a supportive mind, you can lead people of your section. Society can be led with three main subject Economics, Political Science and Education, See where you see yourself fit.

Rakhshanda Khan

It is very good that you have confidence in yourself and you are totally self-aware. You do not want to pursue medical profession. In-order to suggest something, I need more information. Would you like to answer following questions and email answers via career counselling portal(please write your answers in the query statement sections with questions. you can also mention that it is your second session with me)

  1. So do you have any thoughts what do you want to be?
  2. What types of subjects you would like to study or that you would prefer to study, other than Biology?
  3. You have clearly stated your strengths. Do you have any thoughts that how these strengths would help you in achieving your goals or would help you find job you really want to do in future?

 Waiting for reply

Azeem Khan

Thanks for sending your query to CCP, we are glad that you are planning your future early on.

Reading your passage gives some idea, but to give you a comprehensive solution I would suggest that you send us a two page 100-200 words essay on your personal background (incl. education, likes/dislikes, hobbies, ambitions, goals etc) and what you would like to do in the future.

 Kindly send this write-up ASAP so we can evaluate and give you our reply.

 Warm regards,

Zubair Bajwa

I am happy to meet an enterprising person who is not shy to work hard and face challenges. My suggestion is that you build your experience with an NGO and then go for an International NGO (it has become separate field now and gives training as well as opportunities to grow).

Secondly apply for Army and Air Force, I guess these jobs will suit your quest and zest.

Best Wishes!



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