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Didn’t score too well in my A‘levels further Study Advise

Didn’t score too well in my A‘levels further Study Advise

Query Statement: Assalam, I’ve been trying to seek some educational advise since i am facing a dead end here. I live in a conservative environment and have some financial issues going on to. On top of that i didn’t score too well in my A‘levels which is a major bump in the road for me.

I want to know about good bachelors/diploma degree available within Islamabad that aren’t that expensive and would at least set me in the right direction career wise.

Before this i started HND level5 diploma but i don’t feel satisfied with it.

If you could help me with figuring out what to do next i would be grateful.

Yours sincerely

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related : I was shy child so I was not very active during my school years but i am able to use Microsoft office software to effectively create reports and presentations, i took art classes which helped to acquire a better aesthetic sense and a good hand with arts and crafts.

Skills – Non Subject Related : other than the above skill set, i am a licensed driver. i am able to cook. I am also able to swim.

Interests : My hobbies and subject of interests would include reading. I mostly read modern fiction and average human psychology. I also like to free write, which is to write without choosing any specific subject

Career Objective: I would like my field of studies to be fascinating and be able to get a decent job

Counseling(History) : I have received counseling from my parents only.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Zubair Bajwa

You did not mention your aspirations towards any discipline therefore I’ll assume that you have done FSc and now are looking for a program. I suggest you take up Computer Science, NUST, Qaid e Azam University, Comsats, Virtual University and CASE are the few good university in your area.

If you are not interested in CS, do BSc and decide later when you are clear of your choice. One thing for sure, stay with science subjects as it will pay you dividends in professional life.

Best regards

Hasnain Malik

If you have problem in study you should apply for scholarships, many links available on and also you can do part time online working job too.

Rakhshanda Khan 


You did not mention what are your subjects and qualification. Also, you did not mention where you want to go. However, if you just want to know the institution name that has lowest fee structure, Allama Iqbal Open University is the only institute that has lowest fee structure in Islamabad. Open university is also offering a wide variety of certificates, post graduate diploma , bachelors and masters programs. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask.

Note: There are few online education plate forms available but they usually donot offer credits. They do offer verified certificates but you need to pay few dollars(approx. 3900 – 10,000 Pakistani Rupees). The Coursera also offer financial assistance for those who qualify. I would suggest go online and check their websites



Uzma Mushtaque

You should go for fine arts, computer arts or even architecture you should try applying into government institutions. you can apply in QAU, FJWU. There are different departments which cater your interest.



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