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Completed SSC and interested in, Pre-engineering and ICS

Completed SSC and interested in, Pre-engineering and ICS

Query Statement: I am 15 years old from Gujranwala. I have taken matric examination and now I have to decide a path for myself. in ninth grade I got 517 out of 550 as matric result is still due. I did matriculation in sciences with biology but now don’t want to study biology I want to pursue career in any field except medical preferably math related. I have considered, Pre-engineering and ICS but can decide which one has a brighter future for girls in means of both respect and money. I seriously want your advise as I am very anxious. Plz reply me soon. I have to apply for summer camps.

Education Level: Matriculation

Skills – Subject Related: I don’t have too much skills but I can sketch and draw perfectly. I operate computers etc easily cause I have an interest in them. I have never done a job. In school I was good at doing science experiments. I also have written loads of short stories which I intend to publish soon.

Skills – Non Subject Related: sketching is something that I have never been taught but still naturally sketch skillfully.

Interests: My interest is in Math, Fine Arts, English and Urdu literature, Music, Computers or Technology, Reading all sorts of Books.

Career Objective: well I have not too much idea about any of the fields I just want to choose a path that is good for girls in both money and respect.

Counseling(History): Mostly people knowing about my art skills suggest me to join NCA but my parents think artists have no distinct career they want me to something else. I like mathematics  too so I want to do any thing related to it. A few suggested doing CA or becoming Architect. Now we are thinking Information Technology is a better option.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Habib Ur Rahman

Thanks for your query , well the short answer to your question is “No field/subject is special , a person is special in a field” , so the only way to be special in something is to choose and do as a career , would you like to do. I can see that you like Math’s and Sketching and I see computers as an interest area too so you can look at something like computer graphics (sometimes called as computer arts in PK), you will use your sketching ability along with math’s skills in coding/programming and will be computer related and on top of everything it’s one of the most growing area for women especially in areas of mobile apps , games development and animation.

Let me know about your thoughts and maybe we can discuss further.

Good Luck and AH.

Zubair Bajwa

Thank you for writing to me; in my opinion the first thing to decide is in which city you want to reside in to practice your chosen career. IT jobs are mostly concentrated in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad so you have to go there for good career.

 Today there are no barriers for girls now in professional world; they are equally good fighter pilots, accountants, civil- mechanical engineers, judges-lawyers and business women.

 The most in demand professions are software engineering, accounting, pharmacy and mechanical engineering. Last advise must take CSS exams once in your career, we need talented people in our government and it is very rewarding also.

 Best of luck in your future!!

Engr Muhammad Asad Imran

Dear, Good to know that you r a brilliant student. seeing your grades, it looks like u can perform in your future. Regarding your care I would suggest that medical is a good field for our girls considering both respect & other things.

However if you not comfortable with it, architecture is also good where technology and aesthetics meet. Once at this point in time you may go to chose pre-engineering. further decisions can be taken thereupon. But be very sure that good grades are always prerequisite and no shortcuts.

 Hasnain Malik

You should do Pre Engineering and if you dont have interest in Chemistry then its better you select Physics math computer and do ICS.Second its better you call me on 03335682814 after result.

Rakshanda Khan

I would like to ask few questions and true answers would help me to suggest few options for you. The questions are

  1. What are the reasons behind “do not want to continue biology”?
  2. What is your ideal job or position?
  3. What type of job you would like do after completion of education? If do not have any idea, think about it, write all the ideas and send it to me (you could also email your answers to
  4. Could you tell me about your computer knowledge i.e. proficiency in using software


 Imran M. Ismail

Based on Interests, skills and career objectives mentioned above explore your career options in Commerce and Sciences. Make a mind map or career path for each occupation or field of study and see where they will take you in the future, based on your research. I’ll give you a starting point and then you’ll need to expand on it…. (you can continue with numerical, tree or graphic style – choice is yours – easiest one is a hand written tree format on blank sheet). I hope this method will help you in selecting your career path.

  1. Science

1.1 Engineering

1.1.1 Electrical Engineering

1.1.2 Mechanical Engineering

1.1.3 ……

1.2 Information Technology

1.2.1 Computer Sciences

1.2.2 Graphic/Web Designing


1.2 Medical

1.3 Bio-Sciences


Ali A. Reza

Thank you for your query, I would suggest you should go for Information Technology .

Best Regards



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