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Career Advise for O Level

Career Advise for O Level

Query Statement: Reference my telephonic conversation with Ms. Jiwani on July 6, 2014 Sunday. Career Options for Maheen Rasul need to be worked out, especially when she is entering her O level, on the basis of her natural potential. In this regard, we request proper career counseling through detailed behavioral interview and skill assessment through latest tools and techniques.

Education Level: Matriculation

Skills – Subject Related:  I like Maths. In my recent academic year, I scored 100 percent marks in many maths’s assessments. I like reading about history of the wider world like UN, World Wars, and foreign politics etc. I also like creative writing. I have acquired the skill of good oratory.

Skills – Non Subject Related: I am a good debater. I have participated in many English inter -school debating competitions and won many first positions. In BSS, I served as a Head of the debating society for classes 6-8. I am a passionate poet. I has written many poems and posted them on various websites and magazines.

Interests: I love reading books about world leaders, international issues, world history and businessmen have recently read autobiographies of Benazir Bhutto, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs. I also like maths

Career Objective:  I like gaining success, fame, respect and money. I like doing hard work. I want to write my name on the golden pages of history. I like contributing something to the world. I want to be different-prominent in millions. I like the corporate world. I like being the leader, being the boss. I intend to have my own company, similar to Microsoft and Apple. I also like to be a political leader of the masses. I believe in the saying of Steve Jobs that life is short. Don’t spend it by living someone else’ life. It’s my dream to study from Harvard University and Oxford, on scholarship. I want to be the number one in every walk of life.

Counseling(History):  Comments of Father: Though she is having our complete support to do whatever she wants to do. However, we intend that she should thoroughly think through, obviously with our help, so that there is not any judgment of error in making decisions and being both professional engineers’ parents, we intend that professional approach is adopted to determine her true inclinations.

By the way we intend that she should take Bio, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Pak Studies, Urdu and English along with two additional subjects Maths Additional, Economics/World History. After doing her Engineering, she can do Business studies, which is classical/traditional way. We are afraid if she adopts World History and Business alone at this level, for which she has inclinations, she would not only limit her career options, and we are also unsure whether she would be able to make her dream place.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Dr Anjum Naz

Thanks for your query, you have requested for ’proper career counseling through detailed behavioral interview and skill assessment through latest tools and techniques’

So here is an answer

It is very early stage of your career and you are moving right direction, once you will complete ordinary level then you may follow your instinct,

Wish you best luck

Stay blessed.

Hasnain Malik

Mathematics and World History in her subjects so that she has different options

Maha Khalid

You are still too young to decide on a core, however, it is great to know that you have a rich personality with so many areas to excel in. Poetry and writing is a niche if you want to carve that out for yourself. 1 in many writers actually makes it to the ranks of known writers and their life is of seclusion mostly.

Technical skills will always secure your future in the world we live in, while your well rounded personality will set you apart. Engineering is a good direction to take with minors on the side to keep your interests alive as well. By the time A levels comes around you will have solidified your basis of engineering. Engineers can also pursue business and In fact they are better at strategizing and problem solving than thorough bred business majors.

Agreeing with your father’s advise, we believe you are lucky to have two intelligent parents to guide you. That is the same direction we would advise on.

Write to us when you reach your A levels and let’s review how you have evolved as a person then. Good luck.

Uzma Sadaqat

You have innate abilities to be a business leader. I would suggest you to use your natural talents in your favor that are your good understanding in numbers (Maths skills), innovative ability (creative writing talent), and keen to learn new ideas (your interest in book reading).

I would recommend you to go for practical subjects such as Bio, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. You can choose Business studies/ Economics and Math Additional as your additional subjects in O level.

World History, success material is not something which we should learn from a school because we can easily learn these subjects through reading books in our leisure time.

Being ambitious is good but I would suggest you to be persistence, do hard work along with smart-work and have a realistic approach about life and success when it comes to achieving your goals. Success is a combination of achievement and failures. There’s no short cut to achieve a greater success. We have to go through all the way to achieve our dream life. So, learn to celebrate your little achievements and start handling your biggest failures with courage without losing your focus from your goals. Start reading books on personal development and success. It’s a first lesson for beginners who choose a road which is less traveled.

Prayers for your present and future successes.

Kind Regards,

Noor A S Qureshi

Early desire of being a dominant person in the society is natural in many outstanding performers and it is influenced by the current role models in the world. From the details provided, she is quite good to opt for subjects (English, Urdu, Pak Studies, Maths, Islamiat, biology, Physics, Chemistry, Urdu ,Maths Additional, World History..  She will have a basic idea of natural sciences and can continue her studies in economics or International relation. She will have sound base for these fields with an additional fields of computer science and business studies and those are of her interest and dream.

Saima Tariq Khan

Just FYI I am not aware of the telephonic conversation you have referenced in your email (with Ms. Jiwani on July 6, 2014).  In my opinion, it is still too early in her career for Maheen to have a very clear idea of where she would like to be.  Statistics show that most students will switch degree programs within the first year of College/University.

 Good oratory skills are certainly a strength that can be built – I’d encourage Maheen to join the various debating societies present in Pakistan (a quick Google search should reveal a number of options).  Another excellent activity to be involved in is the Toastmasters – this is a club which, if it does not exist in your city, Maheen could try and set up within her school.

 It’s good to know that you like Mathematics Maheen – but do you enjoy it enough to apply to everyday problems on your own?  Do you try and find Mathematics in everyday life?  If so, this may be your passion.  You are best placed to decide what it is that really motivates you – what drives you?

 It is n’t so much what you’re good at but what you LOVE to do that should help steer you.  The surest way of achieving your goals would be to choose those areas/subjects that you enjoy working at.  Success, fame and all the things you have mentioned will naturally follow when you follow your passion.

To Maheen’s parents:  I’m sorry to sound a little harsh here – but your words ‘we intend’ aren’t helpful at all.  This must be Maheens path – if she loves animals for instance and wishes to take up veterinary sciences then she herself must pick her subjects.  I can assure you that if you influence her decision now it will eventually hurt her because she will be left carrying the burden of subjects she has no ability for/inclination towards.

From what you have written it seems to me that you have already figured out her career path.  Please rest assured that the world of academia has expanded greatly and there are unbelievable combinations that now exist for students.  Universities can cater to all sorts of choices.

 The worst thing you can do is to choose to fit a career – allow her to make her own career.  Whatever that may be – that alone is a guarantee of success.  Else she will become another clog in the wheel – just another average career.  It is no doubt difficult as a parent to not apply our own experiences to our children but really this is Maheens path – the best you can do is to allow her the space and time to listen to herself and tell you what she would like to do.

 I hope this helps – best of luck to Maheen and prayers for her success IA!


CCP Pakistan Note

We have not yet started behavioral interview and skill assessment and hope soon we will facilitate soon. For any additional support, we can refer to our advisors in your city.



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