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CA and ACCA Scope

CA and ACCA Scope

Query Statement: I seek your help to select my career. I have recently just completed my matriculation I scored 508/525 in 9th grade I don’t want to pursue medical but being a Pakistani girl I’m pressurized to become a doctor. I am highly interested in mathematics I want to get information about CA and ACCA its scope in Pakistan, job environment, problems you have to face in this field and everything related to it. I am intelligent and studying is not a huge problem for me but I want fruit of my hard work and for that I have to make the right choice. Furthermore please let me know about other careers I can go for except medicine. Please let me know soon. I shall be grateful. Yours sincerely, 

P.S I know you might think it’s just too early for career counseling but I need to plan my life because if you don’t set your goal you get nowhere. o please help me with this.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related:   None yet.

Skills – Non Subject Related: none yet.

Interests:      Mathematics and other science subjects are areas of my interest.

Career Objective: I want a job which leaves me with enough time for me and my family. It pays me well enough and a job environment where I dont have to face any problems being a girl (personal security).

Counseling(History): I did some career counseling with my parents and maternal uncles but it led me to nowhere. They were all highly against becoming a teacher. They think this is a job for those who cant do anything else whom they call “na laiq”! So I had to change it into something else.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Dr. Muhammad Yaseen Rana

I hope you will be at best of health. I have gone through from your email and come to know about interests and wisdom about your future career. As per your marks in matriculation show your commitment to your studies. Yes it is too early to finalise your career but it is necessity to pave the milestone for your target. Your interest shows

You want to get exposure in Mathematics and it is true that this subject is called as a mother of all subjects. As per my opinion I would like to suggest that you should try to done masters degree in mathematics and opt as lecturer on education profession because this profession is most secured for female in government sector & private sector even.

Looking for your more questions if you need it.

Take care , Thanks & best regard

Dr Yousaf Hayat Qureshi 

I am glad to hear that a young Pakistani girl has started thinking about goals in her life at such a tender age. Good on you!

Being interested in mathematics will lead you to so many avenues:

You can take up a mathematic subject till your Higher secondary with Physics and Chemistry and that will open up to:

Become an Engineer then you can chose any field in engineering – Geology and petroleum, computers (IT)) or electrical and mechanical – there is vast number of specialties you can chose.

Come to numeric, for sure you can opt for Commerce , Economics, or accounting and then these subjects are in demand.

Next come accountancy, again you may chose to become an accountant and go for Certified / chartered accountant.

My field is Medicine however I have raised five children , two doctors, a, chartered accountant cum lawyer, a hotel manager and the youngest a PhD in IT.

So it’s my experience that the young generation MUST take up a career of their choice with their aptitude.

Luv and all the best.

Zubair Bajwa

In your statement mentioned that you want to pursue Accountancy; and it is excellent choice. There is great demand in the market and has good financial returns.

An advise that which ever line you choose must attempt Government jobs as they give you good future and we need hardworking, smart people there.

Best of luck!!

Rakhshanda Khan

It is not early to seek career advice. Actually it is the time to think wisely about your career. Even though it is ever green type profession but due to tough competition you need to have multiple skills/education/qualification. I would say its equally good for both genders. Girls are also entering into this field but still boys are in large numbers. You must have seen young women in banks and offices. You need to be tough and to be prepared if you want to excel into this field. Moreover, to shine in any field determination plays important role not the gender. You also must have read about famous male Gynecologist in Pakistan (famous and expert male doctor in women dominating field). I would say it is a good field and fascinating on the other hand competitive as well. To get officer level position, you need to have at least 16 years education or Masters degree in relevant field.

I would like to suggest go to web sites

  1. Institute of chartered Accountant of Pakistan(
  2. Institute of cost and management of Pakistan(
  3. ACCA (

Closely search their career pages as well and see what type of position or designation you want for you and the required qualifications employers are looking for. Do your research, check what is required and then start your travel to destine profession.

All the best

Imran M Ismail

Because of your interest in Mathematics I would recommend you to think beyond CA and ACCA. (Unfortunately CA and ACCA are the first things that comes to our mind when we think of mathematics!) First assess your personality interests through MBTI or any holland based interest tests. Once you know your personality and style, then it would be much easier for you to choose subjects/programs in any mathematics related fields. Knowing your personality will help you to know whether your like to work with people, ideas or things. For example if you are an idea person then you might be interested in pursuing career in applied mathematics, which could take you to computational and physical sciences careers.

I would highly recommend you to explore careers related to mathematics – its a very broad filed, not limited to commerce/accounting. Mathematics is extensively used in many science subjects i.e. physics, chemistry, information technology etc.

If you need further assistance then please post your questions to this forum again.


Faisal Ayub

Its very good to start thinking about your future at an early stage and start taking steps, however small, towards your goal. lets analyse Interests, skills and the fields available for you

Strengths: Mathematics and other science subjects

Weaknesses: none from your email but as you suggested you want to have enough time for your family and personal activities

Opportunities: CA. ACCA, CIMA, ICMA, MBA, Bio physics, Engineering-civil, telecom, chemical , software  engineering and programming etc

For your marks in matriculation it is evident that you are a hard working and intelligent young woman. and these are the traits required to succeed in any field of life.

As already mentioned by you that you would like to get information regarding CA or ACCA let me focus more on them. Detailed information can be taken from Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan » Full-Time Scheme or Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan » Trainee Scheme. and for ACCA The ACCA Qualification | At a glance | ACCA | ACCA Global . Since the detailed info is already available on site i would just like to give you broad information regarding both and the difference that they have.

For CA there is a training in a professional accounting firm for which you can find a list of icap website. During the training period there are often times when you have a race against time to complete the audit or a specific assignment and that might take extra hours ….in the evenings. nights or on weekends. Situation vary from assignment to assignment and firm to firm. Even after the completion of your training and the qualification at times you have to sit late in office due to closing of accounts or audits. This might affect your personal life and your family needs to be supportive in this regard. 

For ACCA as well similar situation but the difference is that your experience at any firm or job will count after you complete your education. 

As long as the pay is concerned its usually good with both the certifications however usually its a bit better with CA qualification. Work environment is usually good for women apart for the work related stress. You mostly will have to stay in office is its not a public job usually.

Let me clear one more thing, having good command over mathematics gives you good analytic abilities and helps you learn other related subjects easily but its not the sole subject required for CA or ACCA. Accounting, financial management, taxation, auditing and other subjects are quite different form mathematics and will require hard work to master. This is not to discourage you but to let you know that it requires hard work and dedication to get qualified in both the fields.

Apart from the CA and ACCA the profession that would be best suited for you is in software engineering and/or programming. This is another field that pays good and the good thing about it is that many a times the work doesn’t require you to be in a specific place to complete it and for programming especially you can do it from home or at least partly from home.

I am just touching the different professions as each one of them require a good amount of time to discuss. 

Going forward its best if you short list two or three professions and we can specifically discuss them. the best way to do it is you create a criteria like, the time required to complete it, pay associated with it, your specific family needs, you location and the institutes available etc etc.

from your email its not clear what is your location as the best institutes and firms available for CA ACCA and other fields are in bigger cities only.

Last but not the least, teaching is not a bad profession at all. The image as you mentioned is only because bright students generally go to other professions. the image will be changed once better students start coming to the profession. 

Khair andesh


Go for engineering or professional qualifications

Muhammad Aslam Khan

Zahra Munir. I like the way that you are goal oriented. I can able to advise you in the area related to Computer Science, IT, ICT, Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship. May be some other  advised you.




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