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Queries Through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

Queries Through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

What is the scope of Mass Communication? I have taken recently F.Sc exams, I have interest in this field.

Malik Nawaz

Defined as discipline of collecting, writing and reporting news, it includes the process of editing and presenting the news articles. It relates to different media including newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Youths are jumping towards career in it in Pakistan as there are tremendous mass communication jobs in Pakistan.

Mass communication is getting popular. The way events are emerging round the world today, opportunities are increasing in this field. Print and electronic media offer tremendous career options in Mass Communication. The situation of Mass Communication in Pakistan has totally changed now. Increase in literacy rate, industrial development and advancement in technology have pleasantly affected the print and electronic media in Pakistan. More than sixty news and entertainment television channels are broadcasting their Programmes today. The traditional miserable situation of newspapers is totally changed. It is therefore a very attractive career choice for the youth. Hardworking and aspiration to get perfection in this field result a very successful career.

Shaista Khanum

Mass Communication is a field of daring people who know how to use Journalism as an important part of Government in any country. People of this fields deal with all important issues of a country and are given liberty to show the reality and truth to the society as per their research and findings.

At a very low level of Anchor person to a very level of Secretary and Officials of Ministry of Information in any country gives jobs to Mass Communication experts.

All Famous Journalists, Anchor persons, News analysts, and Event analysts belong to this field. If you can dare to show the truth either good or bad, join this field and bring the problems of societies, cultures and civilizations before the people of the world.

Noor A S Qureshi

 If you have by birth attitude of analysis, reporting, writing, with the degree of mass communication, you can go ahead and can be a star in this field. It is the advanced and modern shape of pure journalism. Again you should show your interest in this field otherwise it will be a degree without proper career development. Scope is much wider and you have to excel in modern technology and English communication. To get broader opportunity at International level, English language efficiency is the key along with Mass communication.



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