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Scope of Agricultural in Pakistan

Scope of Agricultural in Pakistan

Query Statement: I am a grade 12 student in Canada My future plan is to be in (Pakistan) after getting my degree. The problem is i am very interested in agriculture science and planning to get a degree in BSc in Agriculture Sciences from (Canadian University) however my parent are not very happy with this decision because they think that there are no job opportunities in Pakistan for agriculture science. Is that true, that there are there no job opportunities for agriculture, will i be jobless in Pakistan even if i have BSc in Agriculture Sciences from (Canadian University)





CCP Pakistan Advisors’ Replies:

Saima Zuberi

Here are some useful links that will certainly help you assess the scope of Agricultural Sciences in Pakistan. You can show these resources to your parents as well and ask them to discuss with professors and professionals whose names are listed on these websites. You need to make an informed decision, not a hasty one. This one decision will be shaping your future.

Hussain Ali

Agriculture is one of the most important fields of studies in Pakistan now a day. Let me tell you my own story…

When i was joining Agricultural University Peshawar, some of my senior and other people told me why you are going to select Agriculture for graduation, they also said that agriculture has no scope. When i completed my B.Sc hons I got job via PCS, in KPK Agricultural Research System. And up till now because of agriculture i have visited 6 countries of the world. Currently I am on scholarship for my PhD studies. My friends are also in very fields. Almost 20 of my fellows are working in Pakistan Tobacco Company, 15 are working in Lakson Tobacco Company, Two of them are in managerial post and getting almost 150,000 per month, some are working in different pesticides and fertilized companies and some have secured good post in Government system.

I think agriculture is a very good field and if you have expertise in your area then it is very easy to get a job in Pak. If somebody is foreign qualified so he can get job in agriculture universities very easily…..

Shaista Khanum

Before I go for detailed discussion, I would like to know a little more about your education and personal background.

  • What are your subjects till your high school?
  • How far better you have scored in your life sciences subjects in your education career?
  • Are your parent Pakistani in origin and upbringing? I need to know to understand their perception about Pakistani Business, trade and Economic status.
  • Being in Canada, have ever got any opportunity to work freelance or internship with any Mechanical Engineering company?
  • Similarly have you ever got any opportunity to work freelance or internship with any Agricultural business or company?
  • What is the specific reason to settle in Pakistan? If you get opportunity to settle in any other country which one you will prefer?

Once I get these updates, it’ll be helpful to describe you the pros and cons of the two career pathways you are talking about.

 A little about Pakistani Economic Background

Pakistan is basically an Agricultural Country working in this field since the beginning. There are many Well-known Agricultural Universities, Institutes, Research Centers and Agricultural Management bodies working both in Public and Private sectors. People in Agriculture get jobs easily but the competition is tough.

The plus point for you is your foreign Degree of Canada which help to hit directly to Managerial posts in any Multinational setup in Pakistan if tagged with some pre-job work experiences like internships, fellowships, volunteering etc.

Mechanical Engineering, on the other hand, has its own scope in Pakistan for entering the fields of Construction, Electronics Cement, Textiles and many more. This field of Engineering is supportive to all industries in public and private sectors. Again the competition is tough.

 The minus point for you is to compete with the local man-power that is more familiar about using a strong reference to secure a job in Pakistan in a non-merit based environment. I’m sorry to describe this negative side of services industry in Pakistan but “The reality is after all a Reality”.



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