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I am doing B.S. Geology from UAJK, Muzaffarabad, but I have always disliked this field and somewhat found it unmatched to my skills and personality. The only problem is that I do not know which way to go and so I require your assistance

I am doing B.S. Geology from UAJK, Muzaffarabad, but I have always disliked this field and somewhat found it unmatched to my skills and personality. The only problem is that I do not know which way to go and so I require your assistance

Query Statement: Hello, I am doing B.S. Geology from UAJK, Muzaffarabad, but I have always disliked this field and somewhat found it unmatched to my skills and personality. I got into this field by family pressure as my academic year was wasting away after my intermediate. Partly, I enrolled in this course as we had been hearing about its future to be very professional and offering greater financial opportunities. However, considering the situation in Pakistan, seeking its job is like going through a maze until you find a blocked way. So, I have deep reservations about this. Next, I also don’t like the city and the institute. I now have the chance to turn my route and join something else as I can’t stand the anxiety I am going through. The only problem is that I do not know which way to go and so I require your assistance.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: Rock Identification. Proficiency in English. Blogging and Content writing experience from part time job.

Skills – Non Subject Related:  -Singing

-Writing fictions and food-for-thoughts –Dancing -Computer skills –Acting -Linguistics (can learn any language very easily with sound pronunciation, it’s like from the birth) -Can stretch myself to abnormal measures (very stretchy) -Sympathizer (heals everyone with tender words)

Interests: Traveling, Singing, Music, Dance, Art, Design, Painting, Acting, Giving out speeches, Conducting shows (hosting), Helping everyone, Nursing, Counseling, Understanding psychology, “Healing everyone”

Career Objective: Normally, Geologists are recruited in multinational companies with handsome salaries. However, jobs are not easily available at all. And the jobs are very tiring and hard. Mostly, it’s travel and survey oriented.

Counseling (History): All of them say that I could do good in any field. Mostly, they emphasize on me to be a doctor or some artist. Some have also told me that I could be a great leader or I could serve people better in administration and as some sort of officer. A large section of people have advised me to a CSP officer.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thanks for your query.The field of Geology has a wide scope in Pakistan and abroad, you just need to concentrate on you studies and explore the ideas. As you have selected this field by parents, then you have to go for it.Go for master in the field and try to find job abroad, there are so many opportunities available over internet in UAE, and other Middle East countries,Secondly, always think positive and discuss with your friends and teacher, and ask them for suggestion. Try to find out more time in searching job over social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and other job related sites.

Syed Moazzam

Sallam I would like to suggest u that u should carry on your studies in the same field.. now u r in… the world that you are the star of this field…….regarding jobs its always by luck……sometime a gold medalist dont get job and back bencher get good job… actual thing is how master, you are in your subject to beat every one……

Umer khan

A career is something which is going to stick with you throughout your life. if you are not contend with your area of specialty, i really doubt you will find any satisfaction in the job related to this field no matter how lucrative that may be.

People gauge you from their point of view. Some may think you are a great analytic thinker while the other may believe that you are an awesome technical resource. This, believe me, doesn’t matter in the long run. What really matter is that what you think about yourself and what are you the most comfortable in doing?

I suggest you to sit down, relax and cast away all the opinions that you have gathered from other people. I want you to decide what you really want to do in your life. Do you really want to be a geologist? If no, then my friend by all means, take the leap and change your career. Find something you love doing.

I further suggest you to take MBTI personality test. This test is used by many multinationals to gauge and better understand the resource personality. This can help you to better understand where your heart truly lies.

Best of luck,

Muhammad Azam Tahir

BS Geology is one of the growing filed these days. By the time you complete your degree, you would find ample opportunities with respect to job and further higher studies.
Secondly, I suggest try to love your studies and area of studies, too. Every filed may result into the same desperation however, if you start liking, every job/study area becomes very interesting. 
Therefore, I suggest to please continue your studies on Geology with entire of your liking. You will really like it and anxiety will be over.
Best of luck.

Ajaz Ahmad

It is 100% clear from your query that you have a social scientist in yourself, so please leave this BS Geology programme as soon as possible as it is not going to be helpful for you. The simple criteria of choosing a field is that choose what you are passionate about. Do what you you love to do and enjoy doing. I would recommend you to consider following options, sociology, anthropology, development studies, economics, management etc. And one more thing given your hobbies and interests better come in Islamabad. Hope it works


Farhan Khan

Thanks for your e-mail. I am pleased to know that you are thinking pro-actively for your career. 

This is correct that job market for Geology graduates are not that much as number of people coming in market from universities but this field is really good & play so well. Especially if you have Master’s Degree in Geo-physics as there are multiple opportunities which provides much more diversified ventures. Your selected university is fine, there is no issue with its acceptance as in job market, it’s always degree which matters not the name of the institute. 

If you do not like to proceed in this field then you need to decide at once & switch to your career of choice but don’t waste your time so long in making decision. If you want to get in CSP it’s equally fine but don’t think that you will not have competition. Any field you will select you expect lot of competition. So I suggest you that at first instance try to adjust yourself with you’re on going Geology B.S education & discuss your issues with your teachers openly. Even then if there are some problems in mind, you can select any other field of your choice.

Best of Luck.

Zubair Bajwa

I have been Construction industry and geologists are very important, I suggest that you complete your studies and do courses on the side to prepare yourself for Middle East construction companies.

There is good potential in it with Oil & Gas, Construction, power and hydal projects. Don’t lose heart and study hard, you can get scholarship for Masters in foreign countries through HEC.

Good Luck!

Asma Afzal


I have thoroughly studied your case & guess what. There is nothing wrong with you except one thing i.e unorganized thinking. Our mind strives for confusion & fog because it gives strength to the traditional thinking system of logic is & is not. In a modern era we need to put focus on designed /creative & constructive thinking. I would like to suggest you Husnain ! Try & put deliberate effort to live in” NOW” rather than thinking what will happen in future? , What if it were not so? & I’m not happy with this etc etc.

I believe “Now care is future Care”… Focus on your now and that is your graduation with good grades… A wise person always comes up with the excellent recipe with the help of ingredient he have in his hands. What happened few years ago is gone & shall never come back.  Along with this learn skills which will be helpful in fetching job after degree completion In your case it will be as advanced computer programs learning, Use of lab equipment, Researching techniques, Presentation/communication skills etc .

Having hobbies & interests are good sign as they bring happiness in life which is life-enhancing. Congratulations on that as i can see huge list in your profile. I shall end up while saying that huge cities brings confusion in life which makes us unhappy & happiness is co – related with success. Wish you good luck & I believe you will try to make your NOW beautiful & spend a quality life. If you need any further help feel free to contact.

Best Regards,

Syed Iqbal Haider

I am impressed with Skills and capabilities.

If you have the patience and do not get frustrated with hard work and want to serve your nation (Pakistan and poor Pakistanis), you could be a great politician, in addition to several other qualities.

Pakistan needs sincere people like you, but there is nothing wrong if you want to make your career in scientific fields, Civil Service, administration or live abroad. I am sure you will make it in any field you choose to take up.

Make sure that once you decide to make it stay on it and face the wind.

As Dr. Allama Iqbal said; “O Eagle do not get Scared of big storm, it blows, only to make you fly high, (i.e.- work harder and raises the expectations from your achievements).”

You know yourself very well and I am sure you will make it whatever you decide to choose!!



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