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BS in International Relations

BS in International Relations

Query Statement: Hey, I needed guidance regarding BS International Relations. What will be my career path if i do BS in IR? And is BS Social better? Or which of these has more scope? Would it be better for me to do BS International relations or BS Social Science and then major in IR? The problem is, universities in Pakistan (Islamabad) don’t quite offer BS International relations, they only offer masters in it. So would it be better for me to go for social science?

 Education Level:  Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related: I am good in communications, languages (knowing 4 which are English, Spanish, Urdu (national language), Pashto (native language). good analytical and artistic skills.

Skills – Non Subject Related: Good performance at sports, art, handling people and situations, extracurricular activities provided exposure in different fields.

Interests: English Language, International Relations, Economics, Business studies, Art, print media and journalism.

Career Objective: I want to stud IR or major in IR to get a job in the Foreign Service and/or m goal is to work in the UN someday. I am looking forward to appear in the CSS exams as well.

Counseling (History): to go for mass communication or social science.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Zubair Bajwa

Economics and Statistics is good combination for BSc, try to do intern ship with International NGO in your area and get firsthand experience in social sector. Nowadays most of these NGOs need are short of technical hands and are always looking for Economics, Accounts & Finance professionals.

 Your goal is set, go for CSS and UNO in the future; but must get very good grades in BSc and try for International Scholarship also at all stages.

 Best of Luck!

 Muhammad Ahsan Khan


All I can say as suggestion go for BS IR because according to the current system you will have plenty of social sciences courses treating as core courses. It will be healthy for you. Thanks

Anjum Naz

Both subjects are better. BS IR is available in many universities

Most important thing is that you have to follow your instinct and interest, if you could perform and got good position both IR and SS are better

Good luck for your future, Have a blessed time ever

Hasnain Malik

Make one decision and omit or and or in your life. Does simple graduation then do masters in IR or masters in English, then apply for CSS

Maha Khalid

International Relations will prepare you for basic in the role you stated. However taking Interests and strengths into consideration. It would be wiser to opt for a more open playing field for your bachelors. Mass communication or media studies would be more preferable. Once you graduate you will be able to decide on your niche. CSS exams will help bring you up to speed with international law & relations are guided by that and history of states.

Landing a job in the UN is also not so difficult; once you graduate you can apply through their website, recruitment programs or head hunters.

 Best of Luck.

Rakhshanda Khan  

Two universities in Islamabad are offering BS in International Relations one is Bahria University Islamabad and the other is International Islamic University, Islamabad. However, if you want to pursue BS in social sciences then you have to be careful about course selection. You need to select courses like economics, sociology, international relations. Go online and check BS in International relations courses offered by International universities for example California State University Chicago USA  and see combination and if available here in Pakistan try to select. One important step I always suggest to do is that please search job boards and related job advertisements and see what qualification (education, skills and experience) employers want to see in their potential employees. It would also help you to design your career path. If you want to work in Foreign Service and work for UN, I would suggest to read job posting (it could be boring but you would get what do you need to be there)

Good luck



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