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Queries Through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Queries Through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Query – What is the minimum age requirement for CSS exam and other requirements?

Query Statement: What is the minimum age requirement for CSS exam and other requirements? I want to do CSS after engineering, please suggest me the best courses or subjects for me to choose. I ll like to choose science subjects, I am good in math but not in statistics and physics also, How can I start my preparation, I did not have completed my bachelor yet, also I don’t want to take risk.

Advisor Replies

Noor A S Qureshi

Age limit is 21-28 years,

Zill E Huma Farooq

For CSS, You have to select subject’s worth of 1200 marks total, 600 compulsory and 600 optional. There is a huge range of subjects in optional, but first tell me that in which field you would like to go after passing out the CSS examination? Which subjects would you prefer to choose either science or general?

I would suggest you to don’t choose science subjects,

Reasons => 1-lenthy syllabus,  2,less scoring. You can make scores if you are very good in those subjects. Did u have checked the link which I have provided you earlier?

Secondly, here are few tips for you, focus on your English learning, reading and writing skills and try to read DAWN newspaper every day, if u cannot read the whole newspaper then read few portions, but take interest in current affairs that’s really v imp. Also read a magazine of Jahangir Publications it covers almost the whole syllabus of Current Affairs

For CSS which degree is necessary to complete first

Query Statement: Tell me for CSS which degree is necessary to complete first? Can I apply after completing P.HD

Advisors Replies

Zill E Huma Farooq

B.A minimum requirement and PhD not necessary but age matter. Your age should be between 21-28 years.

Maha Khalid

You get only three tries to appear for this exam. And all three tries are to be availed before you turn 28. Before you even think of taking the exam do the math for your age and second of all, begin communicating in English, because poor expression in the language and you can do away with your scores. There are scoring subjects, depending on candidate’s ability to decipher disciplines. For instance I for one, cannot comprehend math and/or science subjects so even though ‘Forestry’ has the shortest syllabi, I opted for socio and journalism because those two I can take in my sleep. What would be wise to remember while preparing for the exam is to give yourself a considerable amount of time every day to go over the syllabi rather than full 12 hours or study? Average of 4-6 hours a day is great, provided those hours are spent with full concentration and you are grasping the knowledge provided in the text books and not memorizing them. A common mistake most candidates make is, remember what the book says word by word, examiners don’t want to know what the book said, they want to know you have read what the book said, you have understood the facts/ideas of the said and NOW the examiner wants to know what YOU THINK OF IT/HOW YOU SEE IT. In a nutshell, you have to make sure your words are used when you express an opinion and not an author of a book. The entire game is to show the examiner you are a level headed individual and have very mature opinions and neither is a bias. For more info; I’m sure candidates who have already appeared can guide you, but your experience will always be unique.



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