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Proper degree of career counseling

Proper degree in Career Counseling  

 Query Statement: Aoa . I just need to check is there any proper degree of career counsel. And what are the steps should take to become a professional career counsel.


 CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

 Hasnain Malik

No such degree in Pakistan available

 Zuabir Bajwa

There is no such education in Pakistan. There are two streams, one carrier counseling in Schools for university admissions and other is HR people who help and guide people to get new skills for their jobs.


 Engr Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

There is so such degree for career but there are some sort of diplomas being offered by some institutes for career counselling in Pakistan… To become a career counsellor, you need to take a detailed review of every field. You must have a strong grip on counselling skills and expertise that you can guide the people in proper way..


 Noor A S Qureshi

In Pakistan recently started a degree in MS Career Counseling band Education from NUST: visits this slink for further details,

You can search online university abroad that does offer degrees in Career Counseling, school counseling, Career guidance an as well certification.

 Muhammad Azam Tahir

Yes, there is professional Degree/Diploma of Counseling Psychology.

Following steps are involved to become professional Counselor.

  1. BS/M.Sc in Psychology (with major in Counseling Psychology)
  2. Specialized Diploma after Masters in Counseling Psychology
  3. Phil/PhD in Counseling Psychology

Only then one may become professional counselor.



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