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Completed BBA and Interested to be a counselor/psychologist

Completed BBA and Interested to be a counselor/psychologist

Query Statement: Salam, I have almost completed my BBA but i am interested to be a counselor psychologist. Can you please guide me?

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: volunteering for welfare works -reading mind and body language

Skills – Non Subject Related: very fine presenter-developing business

Interests: Psychology, -alternative medicine -fengshui, aromapathy -tourism

Career Objective: I want to be all in one healer (psychologist and alternative medicine)

Counseling (History); basically by parents

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Safeer Abbas

You are seem to be good in your field but I appreciate you to decide to go for your interest ,if your academics allow you;

Here is a suggestion; Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

This field of psychology is hybrid of your business field and psychology. The Industrial & Organizational Psychologists are highly paid persons. Google it!

Good Luck!

Sajid Ali

Going for Psychologist means you are going to waste your BBA

First think before shifting to new field. If you are agree and are willing to go then I will encourage to go ahead but keep
in mind to be a psychologist first on the other side you will complete
your M.S/M.phil in your current field

Zubair Bajwa

Dear, you can apply for MA Psychology in Punjab University. Also look at Homeopathy; it is a good profession too.


Muhammad Ali

Thank you for your query.

If you was interested in psychological work then why did you selected BBA?

Moreover, now you have completed BBA and you can do Master in Business Administration MBA that will benefit you more rather than psychology.

You can also carry on you interest work in psychology and other mind reading capabilities. If you are interested in psychology then study some sort of Diploma in Clinical Psychology. It will help you much better.

Wish you good luck


Muhammad Azam Tahir

It is a bit hard to opt for Psychology/Counseling now at this stage. It’s a very specialized field. The one who intends to join Psychology/Counseling pursues Psychology till Masters and then specialization in Counseling. Only then it is possible.

However, Business Administration itself deals with human interaction.

Try to love your area of studies now.

Wish you great success.

Muhammad Iqbal Haider

You seem to have some good skills!

Try locally available professionals in your fields of interest.

Face to Face conversation and your body language will help the experienced advisers, better than online remote suggestions. Make sure you talk to real professionals for advice!!!




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