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Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Query by  Students – choices Physiotherapy or Clinical Psychology or D Pharm

Query Statement: Physiotherapy or Clinical Psychology which one is a better option? Plus are admissions closed in PU for clinical psychology? I can’t get the number of related department. So please help.

Which one is better D Pharm/ Clinical Psychology?

Please tell me that which one is best option physio/d pharm/clinical psychology and which subjects in Physiotherapist, D. Pharm and Clinical psychology?

Advisors Replies

Shaista Khanum

Here is the contact number of Department of Applied Psychology of PU. If it does not wok then please call Lahore PTCL inquiry number and they will provide you the department contact number. Try to take contact number of any of the Faculty member of this department and discuss with them also.

I`m sorry for late reply. I missed your comment posting by mistake. I’m sorry for this. Well both Pharm D and Clinical Psychology has scope in their respective fields.

If you talk about Pakistan then Pharm D is popular because it gives you starting job as Pharmacist in Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Clinics etc. Since Medicine and Physical health is promoted more in Pakistan therefore Pharmacist find more places here. But for Mental health Clinical Psychology is the best to adopt. All big hospitals, clinics, offer Psychological Counseling which is mostly expensive sessions for patients. Clinical Psychologists work in cooperation with Psychiatrists sometimes depending upon the case. It is highly paid profession with less candidates saturation compared to Pharmacy.

If you have patience to listen Psychological problems of patients in long counseling sessions and then talk to satisfy them, then you can go for Clinically Psychology. If you have interest in Chemistry, chemical names and chemical analysis then go for Pharm D.

if “physio” means “Physiotherapy” in her question then the answer is: Physiotherapy is a demanding subject now a days and a very good option for those students of Pre-Medical who do not want to do MBBS but want to be in Support Medicine field. Both Pharm D and Physiotherapy are the branches of Support Medicine. Those are the people who work in hospitals, clinics and other medical units for supporting doctors. A Physiotherapist him/herself is very important and given the status equal to doctor because without him many treatments remain incomplete. People with Physiotherapy BS Degree rarely remain unemployed and get job very quickly. If you like to do exercises, support elderly people in movements management, support Sportsmen in Injuries and many other, Muscle and Bone related activities, you can opt Physiotherapy.

For Clinical Phycology, you must have a lot of patience to listen to depressed, stressed, psychological problems sufferers and you need to pacify/support them by talking to them and helping those finding solutions for their psychological issues. It is not easy to listen to every patient`s problems of life and then guide him/her for it. Sometimes it is depressing for a Clinical Psychologist him/herself to listen and show sympathies with treatment. In this world of problems, clinics are full of depressed people waiting for a nice ear to listen to their stories. So if you have patience then go for Clinical Psychology. Otherwise you can opt other options.

Subjects in Physiotherapy includes some primary subjects of Medicines, Muscles and Bone Dynamics, Geriatrics, Orthotics and Prosthesis and Specialization is done for Elderly People Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Children Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy and many others.

Pharm D subjects include Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Studies, and Primary subjects of medicines, Organic Chemistry, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management and many others.

Clinical Psychology subjects include Basic and Advanced Psychology, clinical Management, Sociology and many others.

So please see your interests and skills while you are opting for any of those 3 options you have mentioned here.

I have just guided about the details of all the subjects you asked. I will not make any decision for you. See the details of Degree programs of Physiotherapy/Pharm D/Clinical Psychology on websites of different Universities offering this program. That detail will give you more Idea about the subjects and help you decide what you want to opt in your career. Please keep in mind, the decision is yours but the guidance is ours.

Saina Siddiqui

Both fields are totally opposite Clinical psychologist work through therapies and counseling while psychiatrists suggest medication for mental disorder or for emotional disturbance. Clinical Psychology mostly combines with abnormal psychology, testing and assessment and counseling. If you have aptitude of science subjects then Pharm D or Physiotherapy is a good option, but if you ability to listen more and have empathetic attitude and have alot of patience to deal with mentally retarded people or abnormal people then you can select Clinical Psychology.


Query – Career scope in clinical psychology

Query: I want to learn about career scope in clinical psychology and what is admission criteria in Punjab University? I’ve recently completed my medical and waiting for result.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Saina Siddiqui

Clinical psychology has a very vast scope. It usually combines with abnormal psychology. Please tell me why you are switching your field. You have to take social science in graduation if you want to switch.

FA /FSc./ A’ Level or with 12 years of schooling, (with an age less than 24 years) with Entry Test, please check the following link

check the above link and call Psychology Department to get updates.

092-42-99232068 Regular Admissions @ M.A./M.Sc. call to get update regards entrance exam. You have to submit admission form first.



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