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I want to get degree in counseling after Master in Computer Sciences

I want to get degree in counseling after Master in Computer Sciences

Query Statement: Aoa, I am 36 years of age. Though my qualification is intermediate formally, but I have done masters in computer science from Greenwich University Islamabad. I couldn’t get the degree (completed regular studies, except final project) because of some personal problems. I now want to peruse studies. I want to work in the field of counselling. Is there some diploma or courses available, other than graduation and degree? Can u please advise some other thing that I can do, linking psychology and counselling?

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related: I have done brief, part time jobs enhancing skills of effective communication, writing analysis. Volunteered as a teacher to a dyslexic kid.

Skills – Non Subject Related: Detail oriented. Human resource management. Strategic planning. Writing skills.

Interests: Reading. Writing. Helping & advising. Art and craft work. Organizing.

Career Objective: To unleash and utilize my abilities, playing my part in the whole cosmic plan.

Counseling (History): I wanted to be an engineer and an architect, but was guided (rather misguided) by family, after intermediate. Never had a chance to get career counselling since then. My husband had been very supportive and encouraged to make a career. It took my quite a long time to narrow down and figure out what I can best do.

 CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

 Muhammad Yaseen

Aslam-o-Aliykum, I have gone through your email, I feel pleasure to observe your willingness to do something positive for enhancing your “Education”.
Mam, you may get admission in short courses being offered from government & private institutions. You may consult them via web. If could not find on web please don’t hesitate to ask again. Check AIOU, Virtual University, Ali institute Lahore or PAF Balquues College at Rawalpindi.

Wishing you a bright success.


Waqar Ali

Why don’t you start teaching i. e computer science?

 Zeshan Ahmad

In my knowledge there are two tracks for Psychology 

1- Counselling in terms of psychotherapy which is more towards medical.

2- Secondly general psychology which prevails the entire society, here the combination would be for HR & Psychology, for that you have to look around because such courses are being offered rarely. But you can find lot of stuff online. 

 Safeer Abbas


There are many short courses for psychology available online, visit; and , however, there are some other websites also offer the short courses.

But if you want to make a serious career in field of psychology, it is recommended to get a master degree in psychology and get clinical psychology diploma. You can join Open University or Virtual University, if you’ve any problem to join a regular program.

Good Luck!

Engr. M Ali 

Thank you for your query.

I have analyzed your query and suggest you the following options:

1- Yes there are some sorts of diploma being offered by many universities in the field of counseling and there are so many jobs available as career counselor.

2- You can also do the diploma in Human Resource Management as there is a great opportunity in HR field.

3- For the career counseling, you can join any educational sector as Career Counselor after completing your diploma.

4- You can also join the field of computer Science as you have almost done Master in Computer Science, but you need to struggle in this field as well.

5- Join any media house where you can elaborate your skills of writing and communication skills.

The best of all above will be educational sector because you are capable of best motivate and communication skills. i will suggest you this field. The only success factor is support of your husband, you can be a shining star.

Moreover, consult with your husband, parents, friends, and teachers and in social circle for this field.

Good Luck for your successful career.

Faisal Ayub

I am not an expert in the field of psychology and related studies hence would not be able to give you a good advice. However my suggestion is that you rethink what you actually want to do before actually start it as you mentioned you wanted to become an Engineer or an architect initially rather than a psychologist.

Feel free to contact should you have any further queries.


Zubair Bajwa

I recommend you complete your Computer Engineering, it is the shortest route to get into professional field for you. It is the most in demand profession with better dividends.

 We don’t have formal education for Counselling fields, usually people go to Education fares and get to know their requirements or Educational Consultants of different Embassies. There are different Education and Visa consultants also to get info.

 Good Luck!! 

 Muhammad Azam Tahir

I regret to inform that Psychology/Counseling Psychology/Industrial & Organizational Psychology/Clinical Psychology are advance specializations. And these may only be opted for only if one completes his/her Masters in Psychology. I am sorry keeping in view your qualifications, you may not be able to do it. Still if you have any quarries, please do not hesitate to contact again.



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