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Further studies in Psychology

Further studies in Psychology

Query Statement: I’ve done my bachelors in Psychology. In my city there in no such department where I can further continue my studies. My parents have decided to send me to Lahore now the problem is that i don’t know anyone who can guide me to a good university as I don’t know much about this city. I am really confused. & another problem is that it’s been a year that I’ve done my bachelors & couldn’t have admission due to some reasons but I can’t waste my time anymore & want admission in coming fall semester, So it may be a hurdle in my admission. But I can’t even give up.

Subject Related Skills: D.I.T (Diploma in Information Technology) (1 Year)

Non Subject Related Skills: Pencil sketches. Drawing, painting. Re-cycling. Poetry (Just keep it to myself) Cooking. Photography.

Interests: My first priority is Psychology. Clinical psychology is more tempting.

Career Objective: I want to do masters in psychology & then MPhil. I simply want to become a good psychologist.

Counseling (History): I seek advice from many of my fellows & few people I know. But it’s my first time to write it to any career counseling center.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Engineer Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

As for as the city is concerned, Lahore is a good option to move on in career. The first top priority should be doing job and by side continuing you Masters, it will benefit you and your family. Moreover, apply via internet for the position related to your degree and get some suitable job and move on. Secondly go to Lahore, find a job that supports you until your Masters is done. There are so many universities which are offering Master in Evening basis. If you want to do in Morning, then you will not be able to do any job except tuitions or academies. There must be anyone in your relatives or friends and family who living in Lahore that support you in term of living. Try to get admission in university as they also provide Hostel facility or there are so many private girls hostel providing suitable and affordable accommodation in the city. 
One of my relative is also living and studying in Lahore since 2 years. She is getting her Bachelor’s degree out there.

Good Luck

Best Regards,

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Hope you good.

Thanks indeed for your interest in Psychology.
I would have given you more assistance, if you would have provided me your parent city name.
Anyhow, Lahore is the most appropriate city for further qualifications in Psychology. Following is the priority wise list of Institutions:

  1. Institute of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab Lahore. (Govt.)
  2. Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab Lahore. (Govt.)
  3. Govt. College University Lahore. (Govt.)
  4. University of the Central Punjab, Lahore (Private)

 University of the Punjab, Lahore and Govt. College University Lahore offer Hostel facility, too. The city is very good. Academics are of class.

Admission normally are announced and processed in June/July, every year.  I suggest you to go ahead for your further qualifications in Lahore.
If you have further quarries, please ask me.

Wish you great luck.


Uzma Sadaqat   

You can apply in different universities including Beacon house National University Lahore (BNU), Government College University Lahore (GCU), Punjab University Lahore (PU), Gujrat University Lahore Campus, University of Management and Technology Lahore (UMT), Lahore College for Women University and Lahore Garrison University. All these universities offer Master’s Degree Program in Applied or Clinical Psychology. You can get their prospects for detailed information and choose one which suits you most. Thank you.

Good Luck.

Noor A S Qureshi

You can also do it from Virtual University – that is online degree.

Check universities at thin link:

For past counseling on the subject, click here:



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