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Completed BSC, advice please on further studies (Subject Selection). I want to do MSC

Completed BSC, advice please on further studies (Subject Selection). I want to do MSC

Query Statement: I recently completed my bsc degree from shah latif college.I want to do MSC

 Education Level:  Bachelors  

Subject Related Skills:  nothing

Non Subject Related Skills: nothing

Interests:  Msc in zoolog pshycology

Career Objective:  masters

Counseling (History):   Teachers

CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Uzma Mushtaque

You should go for MSc applied psychology.

 Muhammad Azam Tahir

I don’t see any quarry. Please specify where you need help/guidance.

Zubair Bajwa

You should see the industry around your city and decide which kinds of available jobs that you want to do. Usually I recommend science and engineering subjects. There is great demand in Nursing and food technology; if you have the knack for IT then Computer Science is the best choice. The agriculture sector is also adding good, career jobs.

So it all depends on your location and interest, but surely go for technical fields.

Good luck!

Ajaz Ahmad

You provided insufficient information, though, but I would suggest you to consider MSc environmental science, psychology, sociology, anthropology at Quaide Azam University. Thank you


Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

It’s a best option to continue your studies and going with master. I will suggest you to do MSc in the same subject where you done you BSc at Shah Latif College.

There are multiple subjects you can select for your masters level. If you have done BSc in Zoology then pursue for MSc Zoology respectively.

Good Luck

Syed Iqbal Haider

You have not indicated “What were your subjects of B.Sc. Graduation?

Pick the subject, in which you performed well, for your M.Sc.


Hasnain Malik

You should do master in Psychology

Farhan Khan

There is no query in your e-mail, please resend your request for consultancy along with complete details of question which you may want to ask.

Sajid Ali

I did the same at B.Sc and then gone for environmental sciences based on my personal interest and number of options for career. Just for a subject that have number of dimensions so tomorrow if you don’t get opportunity in teaching so you can go to social sector or can join a company of consultancy etc. don’t limit yourself to a subject that will have one or two options for career.

Good Luck

Salman. S

Please explore your career interest and identify relevant field according to your aptitude.


Faisal Ayub

Your query is not clear but i would assume you want a decision between Msc in Zoology or Psychology. And the answer is which ever field interests you more go for it




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