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BS in Psychology?

BS in Psychology?

Query Statement:  I am concerned about my career. I am currently a studying for my bachelor’s Degree in psychology but I am concerned about if i might not get a decent job in my career in the future if continue in this field. My friends have suggested that I leave this field and try something that would effectively get me a job in my future career life. I am confused right now and need help on weather i should or shouldn’t leave this career option to be a psychologist as I have a great interest in this field.

Education Level:  Bachelors

 Subject Related Skills:  Still in the first semester of my university courses

Non Subject Related Skills: ——-

Interests: I am interested in psychology

Career Objective: to become a successful psychologist

Counseling (History):  My Senior Friends in the same discipline


CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Faisal Ayub

Since you have a great interest in psychology I guess you would be good in it. As far as i am concerned it is a field where more students should come as now a day’s too many people have psychological problems and they don’t know what to do. Having people like you who have interest in the field would not only earn a decent living from the profession but you would actually be helping many people. 

I hope you have got your reply.


Salman. S

I suggest if you’re interested in psychology, you must continue with this degree and pursue your career accordingly. Do not get confuse by peer pressure. You just need to work on your competence right from the beginning as you are :) further you need to explore this field at maximum to have confidence for what you are doing.


Hasnain Malik

Don’t listen others. Think and finalize yourself. Psychology field has wonderful career in Medical field as well as in NGO’S Teaching and research Institutions. Do from well reputed Institutes and then MS leading to PhD.

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Dear, Psychology is one of the most attractive fields these days. You may opt for Armed Forces, Police, and Hospitals and after a year’s diploma, you may practice independently/professionally.

So I suggest you to remain in field of Psychology. Wish you great luck.

Syed Iqbal Haider

Asslam O Alaikum,

Since you have interest in this field, it is greatly helpful for you continue.

Important thing is that you should continue your education up to Ph. D; level and preferably specialize in Medical Psychiatry!

If you have the resources and stamina to go that far, it will greatly benefit you!!!

However, if you want to stop after M.Sc. you can still be absorbed as Teacher in a High School or Professor in a college.

 All the best


Zubair Bajwa

I have seen psychologists working in HR in multinational companies in recruitment and Organization development and Industrial behavior BUT I have not seen anyone in local industry.

There are psychologists in Army and PAF, working with pilots and battle trauma patients.

Consult with someone about getting into the Army that is the best job. If you ask me, our nation need lot of psychologists to keep a sane head in hard times.

I cannot say about the financial side, but it will be a service just like medical doctors. Keep at it if you are passionate about this discipline.

I know a person who went abroad and did Phd on scholarship, is settled there and is satisfied.

Good Luck!

Noor A S Qureshi

Go ahead with current studies, make sure, you devote time to the subject and acquire good skills. It is good filed and you can get a job in Pakistan and abroad.



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