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Job Search Strategies

How to Beat the Job Market Competition? By Hammad Siddiqui

How to Beat the Job Market Competition? By Hammad Siddiqui Hammad , Author of “ Bootstrapping Your Career” has over 25 Years’ Experience International Development Professional Loves Social Media – International Trainer and Blogger. Hammad is Volunteer with CCP Pakistan as Career Advisor and Career Counselor. You can reach him at or via and  There are more and more people entering the job market every year. Job MarketCompetition is becoming tougher. Companies with job openings are happy, why shouldn’t they, with a bigger pool of talent to select from. In my several years of career counseling experience, I have come across three […]

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Standout, Stay ahead and Get Noticed on Social Media

Emergence, acceptability and penetration of social media has revolutionized human behavior. With billions of people connected on various platforms of social media, one should be in constant quest to standout, stay ahead and get noticed. You will find busiest politicians, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, religious scholars on social media. Did you ever notice why they are there and why social media is an integral part of their daily routine? The reason is simple. As leaders in their respective fields, they need to communicate with their communities. These communities spread their words and bring more followers. And the process continues. These leaders have […]

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Comprehensive Note for Job Seekers – by Nida Shoaib – Director – Sckribens, Research Writer

Comprehensive Note for Job Seekers  – By Nida Shoaib – Director  – Sckribens, Research Writer  Through my experience of reviewing resumes and hiring people, there are some things that I would like to mention to the job seekers for their benefit. This message is based upon my personal opinion and experience. There are some points that I want you to reflect upon in detail. Firstly, it is very important for all of you to have professional resumes. Unprofessional and incomplete resumes are not entertained at all. Therefore, please construct a professional resume that contains all details and then apply for […]

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Job Strategies & Tips by Syed Saud Ahmed

Job Strategies & Tips by Syed Saud Ahmed Online Job Strategies (Bayt, MonsterGulf, Gulf Talent): You must be surprised that having a CV on these job sites, and applying against various jobs posted, that are 100% accurate to what you expertise in, you still don’t get an interview call. The reason, simple; This is a computer generated mechanism, Corporates have one of the two packages that they have bought from these job sites, 1. either they can post a job, filter CVs and hire or 2. they can search the database, filter CVs and hire. If your CV doesn’t get […]

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