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Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Discover who I am / Values Survey

Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Discover who I am / Values Survey

Plan My Career is learning resource designed to help you find focus and direction within your career, and to give you the tools you need to achieve your career goals. Please read the introduction before you start Discover who am I exercises.

Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Contents( Discover who I am / My Story So Far – Personal Style Survey – Interests Survey – Values Survey – Skills Survey – Create My Career Blueprint )


Values are the things you believe in and feel are important to you. They guide your behaviour and can heavily influence the choices you make in how you live your life. When your values are in conflict with your career, you may end up feeling frustrated or uncomfortable, and lose interest in your work. Your career will not necessarily align with all of your values, but identifying options that are a good fit with the things that are most important for you is a key to career satisfaction.

 Similar to other activities, the Values survey asks you to identify and prioritize your values. As you read through the following list, rank how important each is to you using the following scale:

 Not Important = I could easily go without, or It wouldn’t bother me to not have this

Important = I would like this, or It would be good/nice to have

Very Important = I could not go without, or I would definitely not want to give this up


I value… NotImportant Important VeryImportant
Security – feel confident that I have/can get a job      
Variety – frequent changes in my work tasks      
Independence – work with little or no supervision      
Competition – opportunity to test my skills or match my performanceagainst others      
Recognition – acknowledgement and appreciation      
Freedom – to manage my own schedule or workload      
Status – a position that is admired and respected; prestigious      
Money – significant financial benefit, make a lot of money      
Creativity – be expressive, imaginative and original      
Decision-Making – able to decide how things are done      
Contact – regular contact with colleagues, customers, clients, students,patients, etc.      
Help Society – benefit society as a whole, work for the greater good      
Help Others – help individuals or groups      
Expertise – be known as someone with special knowledge, skills andability in a specific area      
Belonging – feel that I am a part of a group or team      
Work Alone – do things on my own, not a lot of involvement with others      
Leadership – able to direct and influence others      
Excitement – thrilling, lots of activity and action      
Stability – steady and predictable work opportunities      
Relationships – have personal and/or professional relationships with people      
Balance – allows me to pursue interests and fulfill commitments outside of work      
Fun – find pleasure and enjoyment in my work      
Beauty – appreciate art, nature, and design; aesthetics      
Technology – use computers, electronic equipment, and technical machinery      
Structure – clear hierarchy, expectations and work arrangements      
Affiliation – be a part of a recognized group, organization or association      

Values survey

I value… NotImportant Important VeryImportant
Individuality – be unique, follow my own preferences      
Learn – gain new knowledge and acquire new skills      
Spiritual – fulfilling, feels good for my soul      
Serenity – calm, not lot of pressure or stress      
Kinesthetic – use my hands and body      
Problem-Solving – opportunity to solve problems and develop solutions      
Location – allows me to work and/or live where you want      
(e.g. urban, rural, near family, overseas)      
Physical Challenge – requires strength, speed or agility      


 Take some time to read over your list or values and make any additions or changes. Now, read it again and think about the values that appear to best capture what is important to you – the must haves! Keep reviewing and editing your list until you feel that you have the top five and then write this list in the box below. You will use these points to create your Career Blueprint.

 Reflecting on my values:

















Thinking about what you learned about your values, what are some career options that you can see evolving? Try to list at least five or six. Don’t worry about being really specific or detailed at this point. This part of the exercise is designed to simply help you generate some ideas of the types of careers you would like to explore.

 Careers to Explore:







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