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Plan My Career / Manual -1 / Discover Who I am / Introduction

Plan My Career / Manual -1 / Discover Who I am / Introduction

 Plan My Career is learning resource designed to help you find focus and direction within your career, and to give you the tools you need to achieve your career goals. Please read the introduction before you start Discover who am I exercises.

Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Contents( Discover who I am / My Story So Far – Personal Style Survey – Interests Survey – Values Survey – Skills Survey – Create My Career Blueprint )

 Discover Who I am

 Introduction – Tools for Self-Assessment

 ü  What type of work would I enjoy?

ü  What type of people do I like to be around?

ü  How do I define success?

These are all important (and sometimes hard) questions! Being able to identify and articulate your work and lifestyle preferences, however, is a very important part of the career development process. By understanding your background, personality, interests, values and skills, you will be better able to establish clear career goals and make informed career decisions.

 Discover Who I Am offers you the opportunity to use a variety of career assessment tools to learn more about the type of relationship you want to have with the world of work. The following tips can help you make the most out of this section:

All self-reflective exercises will help you to generate ideas. Some of the exercises seem to have little to do with career development and may be quite difficult or require soul-searching honesty. The toughest ones, though, are often the most beneficial.

Take your time and think deeply about your answers. You’ve spent your whole life evolving into the person you are today. A life’s worth of experiences, thoughts, and feelings are not going to make sense to you immediately.

Be bold and honest with yourself. Explore, dream and venture with an open mind! There will be lots of time later to test and critique your ideas against the real world.

You will not likely finish these pages and know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life. You will, however, have laid a solid foundation for making informed decisions about your career.

Formal, standardized assessments can be a great complement to the self-reflective exercises found within this section. These standardized assessments are:

 Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

Strong Interest Inventory (SII®)

Career Key®





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