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Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Discover who I am / Interests Survey

Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Discover who I am / Interests Survey

 Pan My Career is learning resource designed to help you find focus and direction within your career, and to give you the tools you need to achieve your career goals. Please read the introduction before you start Discover who am I exercises.

Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Contents( Discover who I am / My Story So Far – Personal Style Survey – Interests Survey – Values Survey – Skills Survey – Create My Career Blueprint )


 Your interests are the activities, tasks, and topics that are a source of enjoyment and fulfillment for you. They are often the things that you enjoy in your spare time, like to be involved in, or find difficult to pull yourself away from! Your career does not need to include all your interests – many people who love music, for example, never become professional musicians. People who create a career based on at least one area or activity of interest, however, are generally happier and more fulfilled in their work. It is for this reason that understanding your interests is a very important part of making an informed career decision.

As you read through the following list, place a checkmark next to those words that you feel describe what you are interested in. Remember, we are not evaluating your skill in these areas; just whether or not you would enjoy them. If there are words that you feel fit for you but are not listed, simply add them to the blank spaces at the end.


❑ Producing tangible results❑ Using tools❑ Assembling or repairing computers or electronics❑ Working with my hands❑ Repairing or refinishing old things (e.g. cycle, old furniture)

❑ Solving concrete problems

❑ Operating recreational vehicles (e.g. cycles,  motorcycles)

❑ Designing equipment

❑ Fixing, constructing, or building❑ Being outdoors❑ Making things work❑ Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking❑ Physically demanding activities (e.g. digging,  climbing, biking)

❑ Operating equipment or machinery

❑ ________________________________________

❑ ________________________________________


❑ Solving abstract or intellectual problems❑ Conducting research❑ Collecting and organizing data❑ Figuring out how things work❑ Developing new knowledge

❑ Designing new processes or developing new theories

❑ Working in a lab or scientific setting

❑ Analyzing information❑ Learning new facts, ideas, and theories❑ Complex and detailed activities❑ Academic achievement❑ ________________________________________

❑ ________________________________________


❑ Composing music❑ Creating artwork (e.g. painting, sculpting, photography)❑ Playing musical instruments❑ Designing❑ Attending the theatre or concerts

❑ Reading literature

❑ Dancing or yoga

❑ Taking photographs

❑ Cooking and entertaining

❑ Being self-expressive

❑ Acting, performing❑ Decorating❑ Being imaginative❑ Going to museums or galleries❑ Writing poetry, plays or stories

❑ Collecting or appreciating art or music

❑ Drawing, sketching, or painting

❑ Attending the theatre or concerts

❑ ________________________________________

❑ ________________________________________



❑ Working in groups❑ Building relationships❑ Listening to others needs or problems❑ Collaborating with others❑ Helping, nurturing, or caring for others

❑ Teaching or explaining

❑ Leading discussions

❑ Entertaining others

❑ Interacting with others

❑ Supporting people❑ Communicating with people❑ Sharing responsibilities❑ Encouraging or empowering❑ Training, instructing, or coaching

❑ Organizing social events

❑ Volunteering or community services

❑ ________________________________________

❑ ________________________________________



❑ Speaking in public❑ Debating ideas❑ Selling❑ Leading committees, groups or organizations❑ Managing people and projects

❑ Asserting ideas

❑ Being involved in business ventures

❑ Making a profit

❑ Acquiring material possessions

❑ Following politics

❑ Investing or following the stock market

❑ Fund-raising❑ Persuading or convincing❑ Giving talks, lectures, or presentations❑ Competing against others❑ Taking risks and being adventurous

❑ Marketing ideas, products or services

❑ Earning money and acquiring wealth

❑ Building power, influence, or status

❑ Entertaining clients or customers

❑ Negotiating deals, contracts, or offers

❑ ________________________________________

❑ ________________________________________



❑ Using or creating databases or spreadsheets❑ Keeping records and files❑ Writing reports❑ Using computer software❑ Collecting and organizing information

❑ Organizing office procedures

❑ Following clear rules

❑ Doing calculations


❑ Preparing and reading financial statements❑ Making charts and graphs❑ Doing activities that require accuracy and attention to detail❑ Conducting financial analyzes❑ Creating and using efficient methods and strategies

❑ ________________________________________

❑ ________________________________________




 Take some time to read over your list and make any additions or changes. Now, read them again and rank the interest areas (e.g. Doing, Helping) in order of most to least interesting to you. Keep reviewing and editing your list until you feel that you have the top five interest areas and descriptors, and then write this list in the box below. Use at least 5-6 of the words in each interest area to identify how this interest fits for you (e.g. Doing – fixing, building, practical). You will use these points to create your Career Blueprint.

 Reflecting on My Interests:






















 Thinking about what you have learned about your interests, what are some career options that you can see evolving? Try to list at least two or three. Don’t worry about being really specific or detailed at this point. This part of the exercise is designed to simply help you generate some ideas of the types of careers you would like to explore.


 Careers to Consider:












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