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Plan My Career / Manual 1/ Discover who I am / Create My Career Blueprint

Plan My Career / Manual 1/ Discover who I am / Create My Career Blueprint

 Plan My Career is learning resource designed to help you find focus and direction within your career, and to give you the tools you need to achieve your career goals. Please read the introduction before you start Discover who am I exercises.

Plan My Career / Manual 1 / Contents( Discover who I am / My Story So Far – Personal Style Survey – Interests Survey – Values Survey – Skills Survey – Create My Career Blueprint )


 Creating a Career Blueprint gives individuals an opportunity to pull together the insights that evolved from the career assessment resources within Discover Who I Am. Just as a traditional blueprint allows a homebuilder to design and construct the home they want, a Career Blueprint can be used to help a person design and construct the career they want!

1. To create your Career Blueprint you will first need to gather together all the self-assessment materials from Discover who I am. These can include:

My Story So Far


Personal Style Survey


Interests Survey


Values Survey


Skills Survey

Using at least one resource from each of the five areas (i.e. background and history (my story so far), personality, interests, values, and skills) is strongly recommended, however, as it will allow you to create a much more comprehensive document.

2. After you have gathered your assessment materials, turn to the pages on which you summarized your findings

(‘Reflecting on…’) and listed potential career options (‘Careers to Explore’). These pages are essentially the

foundation for your Career Blueprint.

3. Using spreadsheet or word processing software, or simply a large plain sheet of paper, create a section or column for each of the following categories:

1. My Life Experiences 4. My Ideals 7. My Values
2. My Work Experiences 5. My Personality 8. My Skills
3. My Learning Experiences 6. My Interests 9. Careers to Explore

When designing the layout of your Career Blueprint you can be as creative as you like! There is no right or wrong way for it to look. To give you an idea of what a Career Blueprint can look like, the following page offers an example of what others have done.

4. After you have completed your Career Blueprint, it’s time to start exploring! Using the list of career areas you

have listed in your Blueprint, go to Explore My Options to begin learning more about these and related occupational choices. Be sure to save your Career Blueprint to use when Choosing a Direction.



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