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Why Architects can become immortal – Want to have a career in Architecture/ By: Marium Siddiqu

MariamWhy Architects can become immortal – Want to have a career in Architecture

By: Marium Siddiqui – Starchitect in the making, specialising in luxury design projects and Urban Planning.

A stroll down from my college towards McDonalds was when I encountered a lady who was lost with directions at King Cross St Pancras, London. I guided her and our conversation started, she had asked me on what is my career objective, I replied Architecture…. mesmerised she said ”oh so one day you shall make buildings that people may not forget and this way you shall become immortal”

Living forever, never dying or decaying is being immortal. Schools taught us education, gave us confidence but didn’t teach us to find what the heart desires. Our world is based on material wealth which obviously is quite important for how would I then afford my coffee? It is downright comical to delve into the subject of immortality in any aspect of profession if the heart is not happy.

I always wanted to work in Dubai for my family was based here. I had started looking for jobs during the recession, at this time there was no chance for a fresh new starter. It had been maddening for I had two years of work experience from London but it still didn’t seem to impress. 99% of the time I was advised to leave this profession and start looking up to some other ground. No matter how bad the situations were, I had hope I would find something that makes me feel aligned to what I had focused on since college.

Then I found Linkedin!…. The POWER of making connections.

I had asked aspiring people who were the best in their professions to come over for coffee and guide me with my portfolio….overwhelmingly I have had great responses, via email and in person too.

A little asking does help… I refused mediocrity and got in touch with people and realised when you work hard to get the cream and focus on networking with people of your skill set at any industry you immerse yourself into knowledge that breaks bad. The skill endorsements found on Linkedin profiles made me delve into profiles where people had acquired education in Architecture and used their skill set to do great wonders in other fields like Film, Arts, Writing or Project management and even Politics.

Architects could become immortal with the buildings they create, if these buildings have a feel good ambience they are never to be forgotten…

But people who offer you advise without expectation are immortal in the hearts.

Whatever I am today is because of the good that taught me gratitude and the bad that made me train my burning ambition….

This is why I call my self a Starchitect.



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