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Purpose to our life leads to a better career Field and good subject selection – By Rita Benacquista, Clinical Psycho-Spiritual Consultant – Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

Purpose to our life leads to a better career Field and good subject selection(Title added by CCP Pakistan)  – By Rita Benacquista, Clinical Psycho-Spiritual Consultant  – Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
There’s a purpose to our life and wherever one’s passion lies, that’s the Soul’s chosen field of work. Success is not an external accomplishment however it can be, but its an internal sense of peace and contentment telling us that we are on the right path. We were born to fulfill that purpose in a way that no one else can. We bring to life talents, gifts and experiences like no other. Every experience is a key to our purpose. Every talent–a tool for our purpose. And every person in our life is a coach to assist us in discovering or re-defining our purpose. Each life has a natural built-in reason for being. Purpose is the creative spirit of life moving through us from the inside out. It is the deep mysterious dimension of each Soul which carries with it a profound intuitive sense of personal identity. We move toward this perfect state of being by supporting the purposes of life as they are presented to us. For example if you possess altruistic qualities, one’s chosen field of work should be humanitarian causes. But if one on the other hand, is very articulate, very detailed, prefers structure vs a more flexible approach, one might really do well as an accountant. However if one is artistic, humorous, a free spirit and lives in the moment, he would make a great salesperson. If you are a seeker of knowledge and truth and justice, honesty, equality, are extremely important, one would make an excellent Psychologist.

Your inherent personality plays a major role as to whether one will be successful in his chosen field of work—but passion will lead you to your purpose in life!




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