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Career Counseling – Concept & Practice

Career Counseling – Concept & Practice                    

CCP Pakistan Explanation Career Counseling & Advising

The concept of counseling and advising carries different definition and regarded different in many countries, however the main subject is to guide students to the right subject selection based on their interest and skills. The right subject selection is by self the right selection of career after graduation hence the word career is used in broad based of student counseling. This counseling is a continues procedure that starts at school level till end of the studies and even it is a part of one’s career life. The best counseling can be done by the institute itself where a student is a part of the institute for a long time however, a basic counseling can be provided by a career center or virtually

At CCP Pakistan, we have divided the concept in 2 parts (Career Counseling and Career Advising)

Career Counseling

The focus sections are

  • Goal setting and subject selection
  • Psychological growth

Coaches “Career Counselor (Psychologist), Motivational Speaker, Career Subject Advisors”

Career Counselor (Psychologist): They encourage healthy decision-making and promoting student’s skills through different counseling way and Facilitating and supporting the personal and psychological growth and development of the students. Counselors gives a better approach of subject selection at school and college level linking with the students skills, interests, strengths , mind and abilities.

  • Advising on self-awareness, decision making, goal setting, plan of action, subject selection
  • Helping students and youth identifying hidden roots of their issues to have sound psychological growth
  • Assisting them make decisions to lead more meaningful and balanced lives
  • Motivating them to cope through temporary stages

Motivational Speaker: Motivational Speakers in Career counseling motivate students to be a time based and professional part of the selected subject selection and enhance skills through positive behavior, professional views sharing/discussion, relationships, and professional growth.

  • Motivating students on the need of right Career and subject counseling and its benefits on their career and professional life
  • Motivating students to right subject selection and to action and reinforce career based studies
  • Students to be taught of different roles play in their studies and career selection as emotion, Self-Acceptance, self-awareness, positive & negative thoughts, Schooling environment and a disciplined work day.


Career Subject Advisors: They advise students on the concerned subject’s career and its opportunities, they also relate the subject selection along with their current and past abilities. They also help the students in pointing out the professional skills and its acquirement that will lead a student in their career life in a competitive and leading position.

  • Providing quality, professionally-delivered, subject counseling
  • Helping students in strengthening skills
  • Supporting in professional development




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