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Standout, Stay ahead and Get Noticed on Social Media

Emergence, acceptability and penetration of social media has revolutionized human behavior. With billions of people connected on various platforms of social media, one should be in constant quest to standout, stay ahead and get noticed.

You will find busiest politicians, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, religious scholars on social media. Did you ever notice why they are there and why social media is an integral part of their daily routine?

The reason is simple. As leaders in their respective fields, they need to communicate with their communities. These communities spread their words and bring more followers. And the process continues.

These leaders have figured out the importance of three words

  • Continuous communication
  • Engaging
  • Influencing

There is no alternate medium that provides the outreach offered by social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. This is the most cost effective and impactful medium – Period!

My recommendation is to simple replicate what these leaders are doing and you will create your strong presence on social media. Your powerful and carefully crafted profile is perhaps the first step in getting noticed which will lead towards building your community. You need to standout, stay ahead and get noticed every time someone is searching for people similar to your category. But there is competition, yes, so you need to start soon. Experiment by creating your Facebook Page and a LinkedIn Group. Start promoting these two.  Learn and implement new ideas. Soon you will be an expert, a brand.

In my view, following grid will help you identify the important factors in making you a brand on social media:


Scale 1-10 (10 being the most important)

Your profile                                               10
Your Picture                                                 6
Quality and relevance of your updates                                                 9
Your engagement with other groups / individuals                                                 8
Your followers                                                 7
People following you                                                 9

Focusing your social media strategy on the above points can help you in being noticed soon. Good Luck!



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