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Job Strategies & Tips by Syed Saud Ahmed

Job Strategies & Tips by Syed Saud Ahmed

  1. Online Job Strategies (Bayt, MonsterGulf, Gulf Talent): You must be surprised that having a CV on these job sites, and applying against various jobs posted, that are 100% accurate to what you expertise in, you still don’t get an interview call. The reason, simple; This is a computer generated mechanism, Corporates have one of the two packages that they have bought from these job sites, 1. either they can post a job, filter CVs and hire or 2. they can search the database, filter CVs and hire.
  2. If your CV doesn’t get pulled in even after having the exact pre requisites of the job, then it means your CV is lying under a bulk of other CVs. It is essential for you to log through your username and password every day and view your CV. This way, the CV remains ‘Active’ and gets pulled up immediately when the Hirer searches or views a CV against a particular position you fit in.
  3. Short Cuts / Abbreviations: I am surprised to see the amount of short cut words or abbreviations used by new Talents. Are you missing a flight ?? Take your time in writing what you feel is necessary, it is NOT a rat race. It looks unprofessional ! Words like: We will (we’l) Applying (aplyin) Thank You (thnks) Are (r) etc etc. Again at least when you are advertising yourself, take your time in writing the RIGHT words, and effectively portraying yourself as a professional. It look’s good !
  4. Spelling: One need’s to practice ‘spelling errors’. One best way to go about this would to start writing a paragraph on Microsoft Word, and then check your spelling mistakes. I have seen this mistake being done on a regular basis in this Portal. It is highly disregarded. Job Seekers have regularly made these errors whilst applying to positions, advertising themselves, or commenting on a post. Kindly re assess these mistakes.



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