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Comprehensive Note for Job Seekers – by Nida Shoaib – Director – Sckribens, Research Writer

Comprehensive Note for Job Seekers  – By Nida Shoaib – Director  – Sckribens, Research Writer

 Through my experience of reviewing resumes and hiring people, there are some things that I would like to mention to the job seekers for their benefit. This message is based upon my personal opinion and experience.

There are some points that I want you to reflect upon in detail.

Firstly, it is very important for all of you to have professional resumes. Unprofessional and incomplete resumes are not entertained at all. Therefore, please construct a professional resume that contains all details and then apply for any job posting.

Please ensure that you have professional emails ids. Beautiful, fairy, smart, and other such type of adjectives are NOT professional email ids. So please kindly form a professional email id. IDs with your full names are the best option.

Please do not email me or any other professional recruiter that .. “I have financial problems…..”, or “I need to earn money…”,” I badly need a job….”, or any such statement. This does not reflect professionalism and also it reflects on the person being incompetent. We all know that unemployment is a major crisis nowadays and everyone more or less is facing financial issues.

You do not need to beg for any job or write such statements. Just do it the proper way, you know about the vacancy, tweak your CV according to the mentioned job post and then just pray that you get shortlisted soon. PRAY and ASK only to Allah (S.W.T) for anything that you want or desire. Please do not ask the creation, ask only The Creator.

Fresh Graduates, please ignore the salary scale in your initial days of work as you need to build upon experience. Academic life is TOTALLY different from CORPORATE life. You need to get an experience not in just how the job works but in learning how to deal with people, the work practices, what is acceptable and what is not. The list can go on and on.

Take my advice, if you start in a small firm, you may gain good experience to reflect your skills in a big competitive firm. Also I know that we all graduate from good universities but it is not a MUST that we all land up at jobs in multinationals or at the management level. Please understand this J Don’t feel low or incompetent when you start from low, everything is an experience and one learns the nitty gritties of work at all levels. Then when you all reach at the top management level In Shaa’ Allah, you would be well aware of how things work at the low management level, right?

In times of such crisis, rather than sitting at home and rejecting jobs because they are paying low is not a very smart move. Rather join wherever you get a job and then look for better opportunities. Remember when you are a part of the work force; you have a chance of networking too. If the job is totally undoable, you always have the option of leaving anytime.

There are many of us who have to run families and many of you may argue that the pay is not enough. Guys and girls still I say, rather than just stating this again and again that we are not getting jobs, unemployment is at the peak, nothing to do… Join wherever you get an opportunity. You need to then look for part time work too. The best part time in today’s era is Freelancing. You can write articles, academic papers, book reviews and so many other things. Sitting from home and submitting work by the deadline. You get your payments in your account. It’s a really neat and totally hassle free job.

The other part time jobs that I find very attractive are giving lectures to evening students in universities. This allows the individual to stay up to date with the latest practices and proves to be an ongoing learning experience.

Lastly, there is no harm in dropping your CV to all places where you deem to fit the requirements of a job. Many people have second thoughts, please do not have them. Just apply if you meet the job requirement criteria, rest it’s the HR’s job to shortlist CVs.

Please always pass on any opportunity that you deem fit for others. It has been observed that at times one does not want to help others in getting a good job as they themselves are not getting the job. Let’s not have this attitude at all. Be sincere and always be helpful to others and Allah (S.W.T) would do better for you.

Keep praying always.  All the Best :)



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