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Game of Time Management and Career Guidance – By Noor A S Qureshi

Dear Students,

In current completive world where getting a position is a tough challenge after graduation. The period, students are busy in books, exams and chat with classmates could provide a strong base to challenge and compete that Challenge after graduation. This is a story or game of Time Management and career guidance.

A student spends some time in university and the rest outside of the campus. Is that Time is utilized as required, each second has its big value( means that second has no return back for ever), answering this question, many may say YES, but very few recognize that more justice is required with the time, we are still losing the time. If a lunch break takes 1200 seconds , though we are facilitated with 1800 seconds by the campus office, we use the 1800 seconds for the lunch time and sometime 1800-300 seconds extra. Those 600 Seconds( and daily) is worthless as we ignore it, but if we think that we have a challenge ahead, that time will be worthy upon using in a productive way that relates to our Career Goal. One can spare a lot of time in a day life and then he/she can use it in achieving the career goal. You can see a lot of activities related to your studying subject and may participate in those activities( mostly it is called self-study, self-work, volunteer task). This is the use of time in best way to maintain existing skills and generate new skills. Apart from your subject related skills you may earn other expertise which will also give you a support in your career and life.

Second is to seek career guidance, don’t wait till end of the graduation day. Internet is your first Career guide, your teachers, professional in the same filed are your career supporters try to involve them in your career goal. Being a student, Have a resume and see how you can transfer what you have and how you can correlate it to the career goal, you are not going to send this resume to someone else but it goes to you back where you do its assessment and you judge whether you are a matching candidate of your own career goal or not. We talked on Career Goal/objective but do you know what is your career goal and career plan , are you fully aware of its success, its fruits and failure in case if some hurdles comes to break it, This a theoretical career plan which is strongly based on your achieved skills , your skills achievement determination, your effective usage of time and close relationship with your Career Advisers( Teachers, Professionals, Internet).



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