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Set your career in the right direction now

Set your career in the right direction now – by Kathleen Ericksen

There’s no bigger advantage in the job market, and in life, than being one of those rare people who make the right career decision. How many young people make a thoughtful, informed and correct career decision while they’re still in school? Many students major in what interests them at the moment then they either get into a job they did not prepare for or they find they do not fit the career they studied.

The sooner you learn what you have the talent and the passion for, the sooner you can do something about it: You can use your school years to acquire the skills, the knowledge and fulfill the needed requirements, so you are a perfect fit for the career you want.

Career coaching can be the single most valuable complement to a college education. If you are a parent wanting to help your children take full advantage of their school years and achieve a successful and fulfilling life, career counseling is where it begins.

Here some ways you can make a small investment now not just in the future, but in a future that promises maximum success and personal fulfillment:

·         The Pathfinder Educational Choice Program

Educational Choice is designed specifically for students who want to set their career early, with full confidence in their decision. It includes the Pathfinder Career Testing Program and expert interpretation with a career coach.

Imagine always having an expert advisor waiting in the wings. When you are confused about which courses to take, if you should take courses toward graduate school, when you have internships or other critical choices to consider, you will be have a conference with your personal career coach for help in making wise and thoughtful decisions.


The first thing you need to know in order to set your career direction accurately is what you have a natural talent for doing well. Most of our natural skills, talents, and abilities are not nearly as obvious as doing something fun to do in your free time such as: playing the piano or throwing a football.

Career Testing Program: a unique method of learning which careers will fit. We give the students assessment tests to measure what personality they have and what specific areas the students fit in. 

Online career test, free results.

Take our free, online career pathway and leadership assessment test

Personality, Career and Aptitude Free Tests:

NOW WHAT? The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career

NOW WHAT? The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success.  This newest guide book is written specifically to give students and young adults just out of school the tools to find precisely the career that fits them like a glove.

Why waste a day of your life in the wrong career?

How can an intelligent young person, committed to choosing a new career path wisely, decide exactly which direction to pursue? Perhaps you’ve already come to realize that the job you’re in now is wrong for you. Maybe there’s too much stress. Or too little reward.  Or you’re doing things that aren’t leading to the kind of life you want.

Every day you spend there is another day wasted. Life is too short for that. You may even be working yourself ever deeper into a hole instead of climbing high. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll find yourself trapped.



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