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Do You Want Internship? Follow These Steps – by Umm-E-Abdullah Imran – CCP Pakistan Career Advisor – Blogger, Freelance writer and Career Guide

Do You Want Internship? Follow These Steps – by Umm-E-Abdullah Imran  – CCP Pakistan   Career Advisor – Blogger, Freelance writer and Career Guide

Do You Want Internship? Follow These Steps

We have reached in middle of May and this is the best time for applying internship. Some students perceive that getting internship is a tough job and only the lucky ones are succeed to have it but this perception is totally wrong. You just need a proper line of action and at the end you will have it. This proper line of action has some summed steps. Today we are going to learn these steps.

What is Your Area Of Interest

Assign couples of hour for yourself and start analyzing about your career interest. Think that in which field do you want to pursue your career. If you are going to be electrical engineer then either you want to be in troubleshooting or circuits field or you want to be a teacher for upcoming electrical engineering students. Once you come to know about your area of interest, you can prepare your mind about organizations suit you best.

Prepare All Essential Documents

For applying anywhere you need following documents:

  • Resume
  • Letter of recommendation from department of your university
  • Your passport sized picture
  • Your degree and certificates (both original and photocopied)

Listing And Applying in Your Desired Organization

First of all list down the all organizations where you are interested in for internship. You must prefer those organization, which have policy of offering job to their beneficial internees, after completing the internship period.

Once you have your list, you can start applying for internship through website, by sending your CV/Resume in email or by visiting organization personally and applying as per direction. In my opinion the best way of applying is visiting an organization personally.

Test And Interview Preparation.

Organizations follow 3 types of procedure for selecting internes

  • Test + Interview
  • Only Test
  • Only Interview

Your Merit

For test preparation you must have basic knowledge of your subject, General Knowledge, Mathematics, English while for interview preparation you can have idea from here and you can take help from this.

If you remember these steps then surely you can get an internship this summer.



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