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3 Powerful Importance of Contact Building In Career – by Umm-E-Abdullah Imran – CCP Pakistan Career Advisor – Blogger, Freelance writer and Career Guide

Importance of contact bilding in career management3 Powerful Importance of Contact Building In Career – by Umm-E-Abdullah Imran  – CCP Pakistan Career Advisor – Blogger, Freelance writer and Career Guide

When I was conducting research in “ISSUES & CHALLENGES DURING CAREER DEVELOPMENT”, I met many people for gathering data, these people are from different careers, ages, gender and designations but one thing I found common in about 67% of my samples are, they are unaware of importance of contact building in career management.  Especially in Pakistan, generally people do not perceive contact building as career boosting tool even employees who have large number of contacts do not use it as powerful career tool, just because of their lack of awareness.  This situation gave me thought to write some importance of contact building for my readers


It generally happens that we are called for the interview; we give it and thought that it has gone well but this good gone interview did not end up in a job offering? Have you ever think that why is this the case? What has gone wrong?  Ever this thought knock on your brain that it probably happens because you could not give the right reference or you did not have a reference of someone who is well established in a field and have good terms with you. If you never think on the same line than you should consider it seriously because right and powerful reference shows you more competent, trustworthy and reliable in a field and it convinces employer to offer you job. Here, is a question how can we collect powerful references? The answer is very simple “BY BUILDING AND MANAGING YOUR CONTACTS”


Every person in the field is well aware of the fact that, for getting promotion to any position we are not alone, we generally have competitions with others and we try hard to knock out them. Now, assume that our competitors have same sets of traits and qualities, as we have so, what can make a difference? Probably a RELEVANT, MORE POWERFUL and AUTHORATIVE PERSON, Who is in your contact list and you, in order to get promotion, can ask him for favor. This PERSON can even be your BOSS, with whom you have good relationship or you manager or someone in top hierarchy of HR.


Who can say that I have never faced a problem during job? Job and problems are the two faces of career life so, it is not a big deal you stuck with a problem but then what’s a big deal? The big deal is, how you can get rid of these problems. You can use many techniques but with all of them, you can also use the influence of someone who have capability to save you but why should a person help “YOU” in “YOUR PROBLEM”? The answer is very simple “BECAUSE YOU ARE A GOOD CONTACT OF HIM AND HAVE EXCELLENT TERMS WITH YOU” , got my point? Or not?

Now you have learned the importance of contact building but now the question is, how can we build and manage our contacts . One simplest answer is, by “effective communication” and you can learn developing effective communication here. For more answers of this question keep visiting because more articles are going to come in this regard till then cheers



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