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Uzma Sadaqat

Uzma Sadaqat Volunteer - CCP Pakistan Uzma Sadaqat , Lahore Pakistan

Uzma is Volunteer with CCP Pakistan as a Career Counselor(Psychologist)

Education:  Master’s degree in Psychology – Murray College, Sialkot + Diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Brief Psychotherapy, Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Uzma is a professional Psychologist and has experience of 11 years, working with hundreds of adults, teenagers and their families. She helps students to opt the right trade according their aptitude and IQ Level by conducting Psychological Testing mainly Verbal and Nonverbal Intelligence Tests, Aptitude Test and Personality Tests. She hugely revived a great number of students’ lives by empowering their life skills through multifarious activities. She not only managed students to give their best in different training courses to learn self-discipline, taking initiative, adjusting manners and professional attitude but also motivated them to contribute their part in community services while building self-confidence, high self-esteem, trust and an open attitude towards upcoming life challenges. She has experienced to treat Alcoholism, Chemical and Non-chemical Addictions and Psychiatric Illnesses such as Bipolar, Depression, Schizophrenia and so on. She has been conducting Group Therapy for patients and has also delivered lectures on Addictions, Psychiatric illnesses, Recovery, Relapse Prevention and Twelve Steps Program. She has earned an ample experience to train families on Intervention, Tough Love, Assertiveness, Communications, Change Strategies and Personal Development. She has appeared in different TV Shows as Consultant Psychologist. She has been doing a weekly segment named “Girly Talk” on ATV Morning Show to help women to empower themselves. She is ultimately earning a credible reputation as an Interventionist and Addiction Psychologist. She also conducts sessions on skype with national and international clients. She can be contacted directly through her personal email